Jun 29, 2011

Positive Chaos - post-grunge, USA (ArenaCast E76)

About: 4-piece band Positive Chaos from Wolcott, Connecicut.

"The summer of 2005 witnessed the birth of Positive Chaos, a post-grunge band from Wolcott, CT. Formed by Dave Valletta on vocals and drums, Brett Bernier on guitar, and Chris DelGobbo on bass, the trio quickly started playing high schools and bars. Positive Chaos recorded and released a 6 song EP called “Sure Fire Way” in the fall of 2006. The following year, Positive Chaos was invited to include a song on the Webster Theater Compilation Album, which featured their first single “Sore.” In 2008, there was a drastic change to the lineup. Pat Harrigan took the reign on drums, allowing Dave to move out from behind the set and pick up a guitar. Positive Chaos was featured as a WCCC Homegrown Band in May 2008, and have received extensive airplay.
Positive Chaos is looking forward to touring in support of their album, and rocking the world"

Let's talk about the best music album you have heard recently. Tell us more about it and why you liked this album.
As far as the best album we have heard lately I think its pretty unanimous among us that "Wasting Light", the new Foo Fighters album is our favorite new album of the year.
However, we feel as though our new album "Lab Coat Arbiter" will give it a run for it's money, just kidding, but seriously, its good.
Wasting Light is a fantastic album, every song on it is a good find. The album flows real well together and it has a great old-school feel to it. The videos that have come out so far are also fantastic!

Listen to: Positive Chaos - Regret

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