Jul 12, 2011

101- hybrid music ,United States (ArenaCast E78)

About: 101 aka RedaeL from Los Angeles

"I do not believe that there has to be limits. Some rules can be bent... others can be broken... and most don't even exist in the first place. I do not believe you can put someone's feelings or expressions into a box, let alone a genre/category. It just is; so therefore I just be. As long as you take something from my music, whether it be good or bad, I just hope that you as the listener will see the usefulness of it all and recognize that it all comes from Love."

How do you think,what character traits are good for the artist development and what are not? What traits you would like to have and why?
I do not believe there are any character traits that are necessarily 'good' or 'bad' that someone needs to possess to develop as an artist. The key is simply the energy you put in and the time it takes to grow. (When I say energy, what I mean is the type of effort and attitude. Both good and bad energy will still cause things to evolve over time.)

See, some people can put in a minimal amount of energy in a limited amount of time and come up with the most phenomenal of works. Then there are some people who can put in tons of energy, time, have the best work ethic, and still come up with an end result piece of art that is not widely accepted as anything close to good. But then again... when speaking in terms of art I also believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It's all about perception.

Some people do their art to shock people. Some do their art to try and heal or teach. Some do it just to be popular and don't even care about what message is being conveyed just as long as their image or name is out there for the world to notice. It's also all about where you want to be as an artist; how you want to be viewed.

Some artists do their art for fame and money. Some do it because they love to. Everyone has their reasons and neither should be labeled good or bad. It all depends on what "making it" is to you. If your ultimate goal is to get signed to a major record deal, get famous, get paid, and have everyone love everything you do then I wish you all the success in the world. I, on the other hand do not feel that you need all that validation to be a successful artist. There are plenty of artists that were "unsuccessful" during their lifetimes, only to have their beautiful works be discovered after their deaths. Sometimes the rest of the world isn't ready for artist's message until many years later.

Now some artists can be good at what they do because they stick to a certain formula for a certain audience. They found their place, niche, gimmick, or whatever else you may choose to call it. In my opinion, I think a more profound artist is someone who is willing to step outside the realm of the norm and take chances to try to create pieces that are futuristic yet will stand the test of time and barriers of language. Because after all, art is simply a message; an expression that the artist wants someone else to identify with or take something from.

So when asking me "what traits I would like to have in my development as an artist and why?"... I would have to say this...

I would simply like to have the type of traits that would allow me to create pieces that are timeless, understandable to everyone, and do this all during my lifetime so that I can achieve a lifestyle that would allow me to continue to be creative. So to achieve these things I think I would just need to continue to do what I am doing by being patient, believing in myself, focusing, and letting the energy flow.

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  1. ive been listening Redael for years and she has done exactly whats shes talking about...her music is on a whole new level <3