Jul 29, 2011

All We Are - Pop\Psychedelic\Folk from UK (ArenaCast E81)

About: Liverpool-based trio All We Are

"The new Liverpool based Alt-Pop-Psychedelic-Folk Trio given the thumbs up by Tom Waits @ International Songwriting Competition 2011!
UK band ‘All We Are’ is a neatly matched trio of musicians Rich, Guro & Luis, often joined onstage by honorary members Emily, Becky & Lucy of Stealing Sheep.
Their self-titled debut EP, beautifully home recorded, produced, mixed and mastered in an abandoned school in Liverpool and an old cabin in Norway, engages us in folky lyrical thoughts kaleidoscopically spinning in warm enchanting melodies with echoes of Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes and the lyrical sensibilities of Elbow.
All We Are’s three part vocal harmonies and kettle-whistling guitar float over flowery bass and drums that rise from soft and haunting to driving uplifting anthemic endings and electrifying live shows.
Having just returned from their launch tour in Europe with Stealing Sheep, the highlight of which was a storming gig at Germanys 50,000 attended Fusion Festival, All We Are are now writing and filming their second EP in a cabin in Norway to be released in October 2011 and touring the UK and Europe with Stealing Sheep and Love Inks."

This week our questions are dedicated to summer.

1). What track/album/artist gives you the most summer mood?
We'd have to say Golden Age by TV On The Radio. We listened to it over and over the summer the year it was released whilst we were on a road trip of Ireland and it never fails to bring back the memories. Also we challenge anyone to listen to the track and not feel uplifted!

2). If you could choose any place on Earth – where would you spend your summer vacation?
This is a tough one as we are from Ireland, Brazil and Norway and all feel something towards our individual homes. So, in true diplomatic fashion, we've decided to spend the first half of our hypothetical summer in the mountains of Norway, the second half on the west coast of Ireland and then off chasing the sun to the southern hemisphere to sunny Brazil for perpetual summer while Europe freezes.

3). Summer is the time for music festivals. What festivals have you visited/played/want to play?
We've played loads of festivals this summer, from small indie ones in the UK (the Inevitable Festival, Lake district the Trip Festival, Wales) to the 50,000 attended Fusion Festival in Lärz, Germany and we're going on to play Crossient Neuf in Wales on the 14th and Aronnesrocken in Alta, Norway (the Artic Cirlce) on the 17th so we're pretty well versed and have had an amazing time. I guess the big one is Glastonbury though...maybe next year.

4). How do you think, what was the most remarkable summer in a music history?
This is a tough one but I reckon it has to be August 1969. Woodstock was the birth of the mega music festival that has gone on to be a standard of the summer and an aspect of the summer that few can do without!

5). What are the best things to do on summer as for you?
All We Are love beaches, snorkeling, music, heat, late nights, booze and night swimming...

Listen to: All We Are - Tunnels

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  1. Yeap, these guys are really cool!

  2. Really like it! ;)

  3. IMHO it's too depressive as for folk.

  4. sounds like "Broken Social Scene", "Okkervil River", "The Decemberists",
    also reminded me "Margot and the Nuclear So and So's"
    I mean the sound is veeeery atmospheric...and...positive comparing to stereotyped psychedelic tunes.

  5. Do you want to say folk may not be Ballad ?

  6. It may be not a ballad if it's a jig :)

    2 Andy:

    Maybe even like Current 93, but not so gloomy :)

  7. hmmm dunno what to say... sounds like pop n it's ok 8)

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  9. I like it a lot!