Jul 7, 2011

ArenaCast Episode 78 Playlist

Week July 7 - July 14
This week: This episode highlights new releases by the Old 97's, Lloyd, Chemical Brothers, Brian Eno and Yes, while featuring ten songs by artists from Rome, Paris, London, Sydney, Phoenix, Sweden, Copenhagen, India and Pittsburgh.
ArenaCast Episode includes:

# Artist Track
1 The Level Daydream
2 MeeK Troublemaker
3 Emma Roberts Used To be Cool
4 Jona Leigh Let It Rain
5 Myrah Illusions
6 Martin Thomas First Aid Kid
7 Scape Goatz Lalpa I Ni
8 101 Elves on the Decks
9 Eli ShmEli Drinks In Your Name
10 KLyn No One Else

Topics about our featured artists are coming soon!

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