Jul 8, 2011

ArenaCast Weekly Poll

Dear friends! We ask you to join our initiative and vote for these 3 artists who will compete to be featured in the next ArenaCast podcast!
Check them out and vote for them in our Poll at our Facebook

First of all we have a duo of Bogwald and Kleverborn  from Norway\Sweden

Listen to country style track "Julia" and enjoy!

The second candidate is AnJeline - R&B\pop\indie artist from USA

Check out her song "What I Know" and help her to win!

The third challenger is Step Echo band from Niagara Falls, Canada

Listen to their song "Champagne Cocaine" and vote for it!

You can vote for these tracks at our Facebook page!
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1 comment:

  1. We congratulate Bogwald and Kleverborn! They have won in our weekly poll and their track "Julia" will appear in this week's ArenaCast podcast!