Jul 28, 2011

ArenaCast Weekly Poll

And again we ask you to join our initiative and vote for these 3 wonderful artists who will compete to be featured in the next ArenaCast podcast!
Check them out and vote for them in our Poll at our Facebook

Our first artist is Dancehall Buddha from Panama City , Florida

Enjoy his track  "Step Away" and vote for it!

The second candidate is Clinton Mark Lowe from Uluru, Australia

Check out his song "My Light" and help him to win!

The third candidate NewYork based artist Danie Ferrusi
Listen to her song "Blue Light" and vote for it!

You can vote for these tracks at our Facebook page!
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  1. Danie Ferrusi is a chick, but we'll let that slide :).

  2. We congratulate Danie Ferussi! The track "Blue Light" won in our weekly poll and will appear in this week's ArenaCast podcast!