Jul 11, 2011

Emma Roberts - Folk Singer-Songwriter,Australia (ArenaCast E78)

About: Emma Roberts from Sydney

"...Year 12 student Emma Roberts is definitely a different artist to others of her age. Emma is a storyteller; her songs are full of emotion and passion, which is rare for someone only 16...
 ...However, when asked what her favourite original is, Emma always says "Used to Be Cool" in the space of one breath. "It's just so catchy, and different to the others. It's pop, but it's so real." "Used to Be Cool" was written about a friend who drifted away after being in a relationship..." 

How do you think, what character traits are good for the artist development and what are not?
I think it's very important to know yourself and your style, and to not be willing to change yourself for any record label or any amount of money. It's also important to have a good attitude.
Everyone has haters or people who don't like what you do, but they're not the ones buying your music, so it's best to ignore them or kill them with kindness. Saying "you're just jealous" or "get a life" not only gives haters the reaction they want, but also gives you a reputation for being arrogant, and that can affect the opinions of people who are maybe a bit undecided about you.
As for negative traits, I think desperation is something that could go against an artist, as they will be constantly trying to please everyone all the time, and ultimately letting down all their fans.

What traits you would like to have and why?
I would like to think I have a strong sense of personal style; I know what kind of music I want to produce and I wouldn't be willing to give that up just to be a people-pleaser. I would like to be a bit more confident when performing live as I am so used to being with my piano or with my guitar and therefore don't know what to do without my instruments. I would also like to be less scatterbrained when writing songs.

Listen to: Emma Roberts - Used to Be Cool

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