Jul 25, 2011

A Jigsaw - blues\alternative country, Portugal (ArenaCast E80)

About: A Jigsaw - most interesting and original Americana bands around the European continent

"In 2007 they released a concept album called Letters From The Boatman. A handful of guests, including some of the most prominent musicians of the Portuguese scene, took part of this project. The album climbed the charts on national radios, it was considered one of the best of the year and the band was also reviewed as one of the best live acts.
As to the second album, they decided to take matter into their own hands and gather some of the instruments they had met along the way. The result was a beautifully textured album with detailed arrangements. Recorded between December 2008 and January 2009, Like the Wolf is a return to the concept album format. The record has two mesmerizing duets with Arizona’s Becky Lee Walters and Joao Rui that linger for a long time, even after we press stop. Like The Wolf was considered by the media as an “irresistible”, a “compulsory” and an “addictive” album. Many say it was the best album of the year 2009."

This week our questions are dedicated to summer.

1). What track/album/artist gives you the most summer mood?
Definitely The Doors track L.A. Woman off of the album L.A. Woman. It just makes you want to get behind the wheel and just leave with the sun breaking against the shades. It’s a dark album, yet strangely uplifting.

2). If you could choose any place on Earth – where would you spend your summer vacation?
Italy I guess. There’s something about it that moves me in a very peculiar way.

3). Summer is the time for music festivals. What festivals have you visited/played/want to play?
Last one I recall with affection is Paredes de Coura with Nick Cave headlining the night. A really great concert under a very strange moon.

4). How do you think, what was the most remarkable summer in a music history?
Well, the summer of ’67 has a real good vibe to it, like the release of great albums such as Are you Experienced? by Jimi Hendrix (and the recording of axis: bold as love), the doors released 2 good albums, Velvet Underground’s VU & Nico, the Stg. Pepper’s by the Beatles… oh I could just go on with other great releases, like the Rolling Stones, etc etc.

5). What are the best things to do on summer as for you?
Well, this is a no-brainer. Definitely touring. In 2010 we played all over Europe in about 12 countries during 2 straight months and a half and it was amazing. Very different shades of summer all around from country to country. From 45º to 13º… I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

Listen to: A Jigsaw - Return To Me (Feat. Becky Lee Walters)

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