Jul 1, 2011

A-mack - oldschool hip hop, UK (ArenaCast E77)

About: AJ, better known as A-mack from Douglas, Isle Of Man

"Hi my Name is AJ but as an artist im better known as A-mack. I am originally from a small island called the 'Isle of Man' but have recently moved to London. I am an mc/rapper and have been rapping for about 5 years now. I love music, thats all I ever seem to do or think about. I am really passionate about making my own music and working with other talented artists from across the world and any genre. Please come through and show love and feel free to get in touc"

Let's talk about the best music album you have heard recently. Tell us more about it and why you liked this album.
As far as the topic is concerned I would say the best album I've heard recently has to be the "THE WORKOUT" by stic.man a member of the famous rap group "Dead Prez".
This album really shows what the real message of Hip Hop is really meant to be and thats of peace unity and fun. In today's industry a lot of artists sound quite the same so this album really is quite different from the rest. The whole album is dedicated to keeping fit, working out, staying healthy and probably one the most motivational albums I have heard in a while. This album is a must for anymore who loves exercising and taking care of themselves. Another reason I like this album is because I can listen to every track without skipping to the next it is very consistent. A lot of the albums I listen to today only tend to have 3 good songs and the rest don't really match up so I believe is a must for everybody to have a quick listen to.

Listen to: A-mack - Lord Forgive Em

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