Jul 13, 2011

Myrah -goth metal, Sweden (ArenaCast E78)

About: Myrah from Östersund

"In 2009 they won a band competition that secured them a position at MetalCamp in Slovenia, & later playing at Rockweekend in Sweden. Myrah followed this with the release of their first full length album, 'Six Feet Down', in 2010. Later that year, the band experienced another drummer change, & began work on their follow-up EP.
Myrah loves the live experience, always wanting to give the audience something special. With more tours in Sweden and Germany lined up for 2011, they aim to prove they've got what it takes."

How do you think, what character traits are good for the artist development and what are not? What traits you would like to have and why?
We think that you need some orginality to stick out from the crowd and to be true in what you do.
To work hard to get somewhere but allways be humble to your fans no matter how big your band gets. Listen to your fans and see your fanbase rise. Not so good traits are acting like a "rockstar diva", thinking you are the biggest band in the world and look down on other bands. They will meet you on your way down! Our band maybe wants to be more promoting and social and get contacts after gigs so we can get more fans and gigs.

Listen to: Myrah - Illusions

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