Jul 19, 2011

Run To Life (Hiram Reyes) - alternative singer\songwriter, Mexico (ArenaCast E79)

About:  Hiram Abif Reyes with his project "Run To Life" from Xalapa

"...A second chance arrived when Hiram launched his song " Rain" announced on iTunes 2008 featuring Female Singer Milenka Frkovich, getting international audience through his myspace page he decided to fight another battle of bands(2008) looking for professional material. This time becoming "Runtolife" hiram and his band were finalist, and won profesional production for upcoming tracks.
Hiram started to write his first official album "Can't Write Love Songs" of his Project "Runtolife" in september 2009 with Osvaldo Flores, David Arillo & Rafael Rosas at Bemba Records & Zonnart Studios.
"Runtolife is the only way we can give more of what we can expect of ourselves and realize our dreams, even if our place is against us..."

How do you think, what character traits are good for the artist development and what are not? What traits you would like to have and why?
It is always good to be actualized about new music, new gigs, fashion and what's happening in the world, that gives a band or singer/songwriter the chance to response with credibility into comunity, being creative to their fans with the right comunication and network.
What are not:
Vices that can affect our health and music development are not proposing something new, It is also a Sharing Wrong messages to the fans, is not art, is not pure, is not music, is not real.
More than get Contacts, We'd like to be heard everywhere, we'd like to share stories about our passion in making of music, knowing Runtolife as a Great Rock Band from Mexico.
Give a chance to write,sing,play is a big chance to feel and listen to music from another place!

Listen to: Run To Life - Is It For Good

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