Aug 12, 2011

Casey Reid - indie,USA (ArenaCast E83)

About:Casey Reid from Dallas

"Casey was born, March 21st, 1988, in Dallas, Tx. He started playing drums when he was 3 years old and taught himself, never taking lessons, until a little over a year ago. He started playing piano when he was 5 and took lessons and music theory for 7 years. He started playing guitar when he was 12 and has taught himself the entire time.
Casey's main musical influences and inspiration for his music are: John Mayer, Dashboard Confessional, Copeland, Snow Patrol, and others...
The music he is currently writing has to do with relationships and how people deal with them. He tries to write them so that everybody can relate to them. Many of the songs come from his personal experiences from the relationships he has been through. He also takes some of the things that his friends and family go through and writes about them."

1). What is the most exotic/extraordinary place you have ever performed at?
I would have to probably say on a tour bus in front of 20-30 other people i was on tour with for a missions trip.

2). When you are 70 – how do you see your life?
I see myself playing music full-time, married with kids and grandkids, and impacting people for the kingdom of God through my music and my lifestyle.

3). If you could talk to any of the rock-stars, dead or alive, whom would you talk to and what would you ask?

To be honest I'm not really sure and I'm not one to make stuff up.

4). What countries and cities would you like to visit the most during the tour?
I don't really have any in particular at this point. I am mainly focusing on the U.S. in general right now.

5). Which famous band/artist you would be glad to share the stage with?
John Mayer would have to be my top pick for sure!

Listen to: Casey Reid -Break Out

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