Aug 9, 2011

Mercy Years - Rock/Alternative/Indie, Canada (ArenaCast E82)

About: Mercy Years, young and talented band from Vancouver

"We're a 7-piece from around the world who all hail in Vancouver, BC. We feature a big guitar sound with three electric guitars, inspired by the likes of Brand New and Broken Social Scene, and lyrics inspired by the likes of Andy Hull (Manchester Orchestra), Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie), Morrissey and Kevin Devine."

This week our questions are dedicated to summer.

1). What track/album/artist gives you the most summer mood?
The album 'Sounds Of Salvation' by Tennessee's 'Cassino' is a particular summer favourite of mine. From start to finish it's got that relaxing yet uplifting kind of feel. It's a lesser known album and I highly recommend it to anyone.

2). If you could choose any place on Earth – where would you spend your summer vacation?
I enjoy spending my summers outside of the city, or in small towns. A couple of past favourites include western Massachusetts and coastal Virginia. As for places I'd like to go but have never been, maybe Panama or New Zealand.

3). Summer is the time for music festivals. What festivals have you visited/played/want to play?
I'm originally from England and in 2007 I went to Reading Festival. That was probably my favourite festival experience, seeing great bands like Brand New, Manchester Orchestra, Bloc Party and Arcade Fire to name a few. If I ever got the chance I'd love to go back with Mercy Years and play one of the smaller stages. Alternatively, the big summer festival around here is Sasquatch in Washington. It'd be great to play there since so many Vancouverite's play and watch every year.

4). How do you think, what was the most remarkable summer in a music history?
The most remarkable summer in music history... that's a tough one. I have to say the Summer of 69 by Bryan Adam's, since he got his first real 6-string!

5). What are the best things to do on summer as for you?
I spend 6 hours on the beach yesterday. It's pretty special lying on a hot beach here in Vancouver whilst looking up at the snow-capped mountains. Something I'd never experienced before moving here and something I hope to always be able to enjoy. That's another reason New Zealand is so appealing to me. It's supposed to be very similar to Canada.

Listen to: Mercy Years - Radiant In Summer

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