Aug 15, 2011

ROTZ - alternative indie, Guatemala (ArenaCast E83)

About: ROTZ ,young and talented artist from Guatemala City

"ROTZ was born in 1990, since he was little he loved sounds. Had his first music instrument which was a drum set at the age of five, since then he started playing music. When he grew up he got involved with some rock bands, he passed through two major bands until he got into the soloist world. Since ending 2010, he has been playing at several bars in Guatemala City along with his musicians. Now he will make his first Single (Things We Miss) and EP (MONSTERS! EP) release."

1). What is the most exotic/extraordinary place you have ever performed at?
Well the first question is quite difficult, here in Guatemala are pretty neat places where I've performed, but I will say "Gran Hotel" is the most exotic place i have ever performed.

2). When you are 70 – how do you see your life?
Mmm, well I can barely imagine myself with 70 years of age on my back haha, but perhaps I will be enjoying a glass of good wine at my beach house, with a couple of my friends and my girl.

3). If you could talk to any of the rock-stars, dead or alive, whom would you talk to and what would you ask?
Oh man, I would definitely want to talk to Freddie Mercury, not just because I had been admiring the way he sang, but all the things he accomplished in life. It's a shame such good artist died.

4). What countries and cities would you like to visit the most during the tour?
Well I'd really like to visit Ibiza, Venice, and some other exotic places. Actually, I'd like to know the complete world.

5). Which famous band/artist you would be glad to share the stage with?
Oh, this is a tough one. Definitely i would want to share stage with Dallas Green (City and Colour), but I really wanna share it with Circa Survive as well. This are the artists I hear the most since they began their carrer.

Listen to: ROTZ -Things We Miss

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