Aug 25, 2011

Run To Life (Hiram Reyes) - winners of July from Mexico

Last week we have announced July winner - Hiram Reyes and his band "Run To Life" from Mexico!

And the main prize in this poll was a featured interview with the winner!
So, here it is!
Check out the very interesting and extended answers to our questions by the band "Run To Life"! Enjoy!

1. Please tell us the story of your band. When and how did you meet? How did everything start for the band?
Everything started in Xalapa City, a place full of talented bands and musicians, It was 2002 when I met a friend of mine Julio Morales at high school, we both liked Placebo/Tool/A perfect Circle and we started to explore atmospheric sounds, meanwhile I was playing the bass for a metal band wich disbanded in 2004, Julio and I started to record some demos in my bedroom. In 2005 Julio invited Ramon Garcia (Actually Runtolife's drummer) to join us and form a band, and we played as a hobby in my garage for long afternoons. Friends at high school told us about a good guitar player Sergio Lopez who suddenly joined us.
We realized that we had the band complete, and we were named "Neu Battery". Shortly after our friend Julio Morales decided to leave the group to dedicate more time to his studies, and the band started to sound different from what Julio and I were looking for from the beginning, so we continued playing our first local shows and at parties.
By late 2006 we participated as "Shattered Evil Soul" in a National Battle of Bands, receiving honorable mentions, and criticized by the public as boring. Then we separated, but I kept In contact with Ramon Garcia and he helped me to record a few songs later on for an EP called "Catching The Sounds Around " before he went into military service for two years, and then joined back with us in 2009.

Through the year 2007 I started to play local shows again with a new band called "Stereo Monkey". I joined with friend and guitarist Carlos Cortez from a band called Cronicas Marcianas, and we had a lot of support from many bassists and drummers, until we decided on Mayolo Sotero(Actually Bass Player for Runtolife). We then decided a serious name for the band could be "Runtolife" as it identified us by meanings and feelings, a very honestly and simple name that represents hope, love, passion and Strength, and we went together to participate in a battle of bands in another state(Cuernavaca Morelos) in 2008. After being chosen as the winners we recorded two tracks at independent label Bemba Records, since then we have had shows outside Xalapa. Meanwhile Mayo Sotero had to leave to take care of his born new son, so we invited to Gustavo Montero to join the band as bass player to replace Mayo for a while to help us with the live shows.
By September 2009 I started to write and record the first part of the album "Can't Write Love Songs " with Osvaldo Flores(Audio Engineer) Rafael Rosas(Co-Producer) and David Arillo(Studio Drummer) and finished the entire production by the end of 2010.
The band suspended live shows through the year to tend to personal situations such as work, family and the economy. We returned to playing local shows this spring to promote the album debut, as a new band and as a new proposal, and this may be how Runtolife has started to run.

2. When and where was your first gig? Have all of your live shows gone well since then?
Our first Gig was in 2006 in front of 3000 people at a national battle of the bands called "Rockampeonato" in our city of Xalapa, which was chosen as one of the most rock-friendly cities.
Not all the shows went well after that, but we got recognition, and that helped us to open more dates in many places.

3. Have you ever toured or gigged outside of your country? If yes, where? How did the audience respond to you?
Not yet, but we wish to. We'd love to show and share our passion to many people in the world.

4. Do the members of the band have other jobs or is music the only thing you do?
Yes, every one of us has jobs. It isn't enough, making music, to support our lives, but we love music and we wish to earn money through it, but the economic situation in our country is not adequate. Even if we all are college graduates, we still have to work in different trades to support our needs.

5. Are you going to experiment with some ethnic themes in your music?
Yes of course, we live in a region that has a great variety of music genres. It is part of our culture, and we have some new ideas to combine them with our melodies, like adding traditional Mexican instruments, wich sounds will be totally awesome!

6. How are things going with the music scene in your country? How do you see your place on the Mexican rock scene?
The music scene has grown through the 2000's. I'd like to say that Mexico is full of talented musicians, but there are music businesses that don't seem to really help the young nation to be more creative, everything revolves around Pop Music, and is becoming artificial, except some solo artists who have been making music for decades, and their music is honest.
There is a sub genre known as Mexican Rock, but doesn't mean that bands are powerful and stronger in sound. Also, they are too closed to innovation in the world, which means that the rock scene in Mexico is very weak. Our plan in the Mexican rock scene is to go so far, to share our feelings and melodies to Mexico and the whole world.

7. Does the government of your country support the music industry?
Unfortunately not, wich means music industry could be an elitist thing, Musicians have to earn their own support.

8. How much tequila have you drunk throughout your life?
This is funny, we don't drink tequila usually, but we have to admit that we like beer a lot, but we haven't drunk a lot through our lives.

9. Please share a funny story that has happened to your band.
Back In 2008 we played all our songs from our EP "Catching the Sounds Around" and some covers songs by bands we like at a local bar, but people wanted to hear more, so I invited a friend of mine on stage to sing with us and improvise, but he started to tell jokes about our typical lives and imitate the faces we make! People laughed about us! We couldn't do anything about it to stop him! It was so funny! People mis-took us for comedians, something we never thought would happen!

10. And finally, please say some final words to the members of R&R World.
Thank you for giving us this great and awesome space to share our music, our lyrics, our poetry and our passion. We definetly love your (R&R World) work, it is the perfect place where music lovers can find cool and new artists. Greetings from Mexico, Viva R&R World Amigos!

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