Sep 29, 2011

ArenaCast Weekly Poll

Every week 3 R&R World artists are given a good chance to be featured in the weekly ArenaCast podcast.
For one week these artists will compete in a poll on our facebook page where all their fans, friends and music lovers can vote for them. The artist with the biggest number of votes will appear in the next podcast!

Check out this week's contestants! 

Listen, enjoy and vote in our facebook poll!

Our first candidate is an urban pop / R&B artist A.B.Y.S.S. from Plainfield, USA

Check out cool song  "Automatic" and vote for it!

The second contestant is Adrienne Iversen - talented singer from Windsor, Ontario

Listen to her song "Free To Be Me" and help her to win!

And the third candidate is a Gospel / Christian Rap band Andre Nostalgic and Glory from Miami

Check out their song "Happy Hour" and vote for it!

You can vote for these tracks at our Facebook page!

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Charlie´s Trail - Jazz / Rock / Experimental / Prog (E90)

About: Charlie´s Trail. Charlie's trail is a talented jazz rock band from Cuernavaca Morelos Mexico, formed by Marcelo Lara, they have a cool rythym on their songs combining different styles such as jazz and rock. - Hiram Reyes

"Guitarist, singer, composer from Cuernavaca, mor. He starts his studies in Centro Morelense de las Artes and continue in Jazzuv jazz school in Jalapa, ver. He has played with Víctor Romero, Eduardo Ibarra, Cris Van Burén, Alonso Blanco, Emiliano Coronel, Raúl Gutiérrez and sings with singers of international size like Rosendo Flores, Verónica Murua, Jesús Suaste. Encarnación Vásquez. He also has taken master class and class with Leonardo Requejo, Víctor Romero, Emmanuel Mora, Cris Van Beuren, Matt Davis, Stefan Karlsson, Eddie Gómez, Rodrigo Villanueva, Felipe Fournier, Jesus Suaste, Christian Gohmer, Eduardo Piastro , Alberto Medina,and others He is the leader of Charlie´s Trail his most recent proyect."

1). What is the best time of the day for you to compose your music?
I think the best day is the one I'm inspire I can compose at night, in the morning, or maybe in the bus, I can do it everywhere the thing is that I need to be inspire.

Artinair - Indie Pop /Rock Pop,Canada (E90)

About: Artinair. Amazing alternative rock band! Nice Guitar Arrangements, Female lead singer Kate really sings with awesome attitude! -Hiram Reyes

"Artinair is a band composed of Kate (Vocals), Jon (Bass) and Don (Guitars). They were brought together by very unique circumstances and sheer chance.
Kate has been singing since birth. Even as an infant, the pitch of Kate's cries aligned in tune with the melodies from the songs her mom would put on to stop her from crying. The first words she ever uttered was "beat it", sang in tune with Michael Jackson's original. As soon as she was old enough, Kate went on to win every single singing competition her mom could enter her in. Everyone in her small town of Revelstoke knew of her and of her abilities, nicknaming her "the child." Even to this day, she always scores a minimum of 96 in any karaoke. Since the beginning until now, it has always been evident that Kate's destiny was to sing."

1). What is the best time of the day for you to compose your music?
Funny, we've actually just figured this out ourselves. There are two best times to compose and record our music: Between 11:20am to 2:50pm (weekends), and between 8:45pm to 1:20am (weekdays). We actually tweet while we're composing so follow us:

Sep 28, 2011

ArenaCast Special Episode (№90)

Week September 28 - October 5
This week: This playlist was created by the winner of our Monthly Poll Hiram Reyes and features 10 songs by artists from México, America, UK, Canada and Italy, performing in the genres of Folk, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Rock and Metal.

"The artist's I chose for this episode are different in sound, rythym and feelings, Different Styles representing different personalities, from Acoustic sounds, to electric sounds, some of these artists are already chosen for weekly podcasts, So i chose another songs from their profiles, 3 of the 10 bands are from México, and the rest are from Uk, Canada and Italy." Hiram Reyes

# Artist Track
1 RunToLife A Lone Green Park
2 Charlie's Trail Aldea
3 Julian Maraboto
4 Haster Resting Place
5 Phil Sinclair I'm Pushing You Away
6 New Disorder The perfect Time
7 Zeit Happiness (In Times Of Misery)
8 Artinair Devil
9 Pillform Down So Long
10 SilentNation Loaded Gun

Topics about our featured artists are coming soon!

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Sep 27, 2011

Phil Sinclair - singer songwriter, UK (E89)

About: Phil Sinclair ,very interestig singer from South Yorkshire.

"Phil Sinclair is a Singer/Songwriter from South Yorkshire (Sheffield) UK who's got the looks, the style and the talent to make his mark in today's folk scene. Armed with Acoustic Guitar and Harmonica, his performances are reminiscent of Dylan's early years, however Phil adds his own unique style to his songs, making them his own."

1). How does autumn influence your music?
Autumn effects my music a lot more than summer. I find my self more creative in Autumn than any other season.

2).What book or movie has influenced your creative work the most?
Ermm... I don't know maybe a Bob Dylan Song Book?

Sep 26, 2011

Pennan Brae - singer-songwriter, Canada (E89)

About: Pennan Brae , talented singer from Vancouver.

"Pennan Brae is a singer-songwriter from Vancouver, BC. His third album ‘Early Rise’ was released in July 2011 and features the lead singles, ‘On The Highway’, ‘Lonely Heart Beat’ & ‘Need A Woman So Bad’. ‘Early Rise’ follows Pennan’s first 2 releases, ‘Amber Glow’ & ‘Shaded Joy’. Both of these albums received airplay on AAA, A/C & College Radio in the US, Canada & Australia.
In 2011, Pennan has completed 3 music videos shot in various locations in North America. The most recent was for ‘On The Highway’ & shot in Las Vegas & Los Angeles & directed by Spool."

1). How does autumn influence your music?
Autumn doesn't affect my music at all. It's the same, 365 days a year in all seasons & weather.

Sep 23, 2011

Smoky Eyes - Indie Rock, France (E89)

About: Smoky Eyes, very talented band from Grenoble

"Smoky eyes was created in 2009 by Bruno Jeanmart and Marianne Dien. At this time the band use to play some jazz covers (Diana Krall, Norah Jones...), and also composed some tracks.
During 2010, Guillaume Poupon and Paul Pouchard came to complete Smoky Eyes with guitar chorus and bass giving more rock influences to the band.
In 2011, Smoky eyes became complete with Anthony Cutrone at Drums. His stong style of playing make Smoky eyes's style more original.
The musical diversity of each musicians bring to the band their own identity, a mix of jazz, rock 70's, blues and even metal.
Today, Smoky Eyes count more than 20 original songs.
A first album will be recorded in 2012.."

1). How does autumn influence your music?
Just the number of beer drunk in the sun!

Sep 22, 2011

Silent Nation - Hard Rock, UK (E89)

About: Silent Nation , very interesting quartet from Birmingham

"Originally formed in 2009 with Rob steventon on drums and Ian Moore on guitars, Silent Nation started in earnest to find a Bassist and Vocalist that had the balls required to take their sound onto the next level.
after several four stringers attempted to take the mantle they took Paul Brooks on board as Bassist, and after several people passed through to audition vox, the threesome settled on the rough, hard edged tones of Dodge Turner. Regularly compared with the likes of the Foo Fighters, RATM, Audioslave, Soundgarden, now, in 2011 and raring to go, they have a sound that is a force to be reckoned with."

1). How does autumn influence your music?
1) We like to write stuff that will keep people warm heading into the winter (especially when you are playing outside in sub zero temperatures like we did last year!)

Birdeatsbaby - prog punk, UK (E89)

About: Birdeatsbaby - extremly cool band from Brighton

"Alt-classical prog-punk act Birdeatsbaby are an unusual four-piece that hail from Brighton, UK. Not really fitting into any current musical trends, the band steer towards a ‘dark cabaret’ rock sound, with fast-paced and complex drums, piano, bass and violin all tied up with huge and catchy choruses. Like a more hyper-active Nick Cave meets a slightly depressed Freddie Mercury, Birdeatsbaby have been described as many things, including ‘a distinctly unhinged brand of burlesque freak-pop’, and ‘Twin Peaks on snuff.’
If you’re looking for something dark, nasty and completely original, Birdeatsbaby have the potential to be one of those cult bands that only appear once in a lifetime. Let the music speak for itself."

1). How does autumn influence your music?
Actually Autumn is great for our music as we are lazy over the summer... it's too hot to write songs and we've also been playing a lot of festivals.

Sep 21, 2011

ArenaCast Episode 89 Playlist

Week September 21 - September 28
This week:  Episode 89 highlights new albums released this week by Demi Lovato, Toney Bennett, Gavin Degraw, Thrice and Tori Amos, and also features 10 songs of various genres by artists from around the world including England, Norway, America and Canada.

ArenaCast Episode includes:

# Artist Track
1 Violet Omen Call Me
2 Silent Nation The First Time
3 Spilled Soup
Art Of Drowning
4 Ka'Simba Lioness
5 Birdeatsbaby Through Ten Walls
6 Phil Sinclair Take Away My Pain
7 Pennan Brae Signs
8 Pete McLeod Rolling Stone
9 Skid Skis Nick Passion Of The Sunrise
10 Smoky Eyes Band Dark Passion Blues

Topics about our featured artists are coming soon!

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Sep 15, 2011

Feather Oars - Indie / Experimental Rock / Folk, Nashville, TN (ArenaCast E88)

About: Feather Oars - Indie / Experimental Rock / Folk band from Nashville, TN

"Formed in August of 2011 by 5 freshman at Belmont University, Feather Oars is a band that fuses singer-songwriter acoustic style writing with more experimental embellishment ideas occasionally featuring impassioned yelling and fast paced spoken word. They create a sonic landscape while maintaining the critical melody and conveying sincerity through their lyrics."

1). How does autumn influence your music?
Autumn is a really transitional season and we feel like lots of our writing gets done during time's of transition or is written about changes that occur. It helps us keep from being stagnant in our lyrics. Also, the cool weather is really conducive to outdoor practices.

Artinair - Indie Pop /Rock Pop, Vancouver, Canada (ArenaCast E88)

About: Artinair - Indie Pop /Rock Pop/Alternative band from Vancouver, Canada

"Artinair is an alternative rock band from Vancouver, B.C., Canada, composed of Kate (Vocals), Jon (Bass) and Don (Guitars). They were brought together by very unique circumstances and sheer chance. Interested? Check out their R&R World profile for more info!"

1). How does autumn influence your music?
Autumn does not influence our music at all. Specifically, Spring would be the season that influences us. The flowers blooming, the birds chirping and babies being born inspires us to create fresh and unique sounds reminiscent of the sound that electric fans make. Really, this can also be compared to the light hum that the wind makes during Spring season.

Haster - Metal/Heavy Rock, USA (ArenaCast E88)

About: Haster - Metal/Heavy Rock band from USA

"Haster started in April of 2010 when Brian Tew and David Heida were introduced by a mutual friend. From there, Brian and David began writing the ideas that would later turn into songs. After figuring out a style and sound they wanted to create, they began the hunt for a singer when they put an ad out on Craigslist. In November, Jarret Stockmar replied to the ad and the core members of Haster were solidified. 
Jarret put his amazing vocals over the musical ideas David and Brian had been working on and those songs later became their debut E.P "Searching"."

1). How does autumn influence your music?
David - For me I tend to write mellower, moody songs. I guess its just from the change in weather.

Miss Lisa Ambrose - Jazz / Blues, UK (ArenaCast E88)

About: Miss Lisa Ambrose - Jazz and Blues artist from UK

"Miss Lisa Ambrose is a 20 year old singer/songwriter from Suffolk. She has only been playing music since January 2008 and then in May 2008 she won a Radio 1 Competition in Liverpool and opened up for Mark Ronson."

1). How does autumn influence your music?
It shows change and a fresh look on life.

Jack Antonsen - Alternative/ Rock, Norway (ArenaCast E88)

About: Jack Antonsen - an Alternative/ Rock artist from Norway

"I'm an old "rocker" (still is) and love music. I have been playing the guitar for decades, since I was 12. The last 10 years I have played very little, but around year ago I felt for the interest again and bought a new electric guitar. As there are so many good computer programs for editing music, I started with composing, recording, editing and mixing my music. This lead to a few songs I made, and published on different places on the internet. Just to see if anybody liked my songs, or to have some kind of feedback. Mixing my selfmade melodies and guitarriff's with pre-made tones as backing have been my hobby for some time now, and I love it."

1). How does autumn influence your music?
As autumn can be cold in Norway, there will be much more time to spend inside. Then I will have the chance to spend more time with my guitar and "studio", and make more music. So, autumn influence me to have more time for music.

ArenaCast Weekly Poll

Dear friends, join our initiative and vote for these 3 wonderful artists who will compete to be featured in the next ArenaCast podcast! 
Check them out and vote for them in our Poll at our Facebook page!

Our first candidate is a Metal / Heavy Metal / Hard Rock band Black Mamba from UK

Enjoy their song  "Paralysis (Live)" and vote for it!

The second contestant is Violet Omen - Alternative / Indie Rock band from UK

Listen to their track "Call Me" and help them to win!

And the third candidate is a jamband TERRY N' THE FRONT from USA

Check out their song "Solid Ride" and vote for it!

You can vote for these tracks at our Facebook page!

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Sep 14, 2011

ArenaCast Episode 88 Playlist

Week September 14 - September 21
This week: This episode features 10 songs by artists from Norway, Canada, England, Tennessee, New York, and Scotland performing in the genres of Rock, Pop, R&B, Folk, Jazz and Metal.

ArenaCast Episode includes:

# Artist Track
1 Jack Antonsen Loaded
2 Artinair Following Alice
3 Kenya and Nemor
Wanna Let You Know
4 Marc Reeves I Want Out
5 Feather Oars Forget I Ever Existed
6 Greta's Backery If This Ain't Love
7 Miss Lisa Ambrose Music Box
8 Un7T She Owes Me Everything
9 Haster Believe
10 Breaking Curfew Courtesy Blues

Topics about our featured artists are coming soon!

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Sep 12, 2011

The Maybes - Powerpop / Progressive / Rock, Brooklyn, NY (ArenaCast E87)

About: The Maybes - an energetic, driving rock group from Warwick, NY

"The Maybes are an energetic, driving rock group, that hails from Warwick, NY, located just north of New York City in the historic Hudson Valley. Currently, each member resides in Brooklyn, proving every day that life does go on beyond the palisades. All childhood friends, and having at one time or another created music together, they decided to form a new group. And that they did. They practice in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and just finished recording their first EP, Sticky Situations. They are all excited to begin recording their first album. "

1). How does autumn influence your music?
Autumn has a major influence on our band. Having grown up in the Hudson Valley we all know a ghost story or two and as the days get shorter the creatures of the night come out to play. It's the best time of year to retrace the steps of Ichabod Crane and try to spot Henry Hudson's ghost on a foggy night. What this has to do with our music, we may never know. Spooooky!

Pillform - Experimental Alternative Indie Rock, US (ArenaCast E87)

About: Pillform is a band of 3 very close friends who have lots of creative ideas.

"It is one of 5 'bands' that the 3 collaborate to make music of different genres. Pillform is one platform that handles Experimental Alternative Indie Rock. The band consists of singer/guitarist Kirby Stanley, singer/bassist Bobby Kelly, & drummer Scott Graham. The various styles of music Pillform expands on comes from a 20 year history together. "

1). How does autumn influence your music?
I never think of autumn much to be honest. I can't say that the four seasons really come into my thought process very often or at all.

Sep 9, 2011

Imp - Alternative / Rock, Belišće, Croatia (ArenaCast E87)

About: Imp - an Alternative band from Belišće, Croatia

"Imp was founded in late 2004 by a few teenage friends but after years of problems with the line up changes and searching for the right sound,band settles down in 2009.
By the end of 2009 band plays some local festivals and approaches more seriously to writing their own material wich resulted by receording their 5 song demo in 2010.Demo got good reviews and the band got chance to promote their music to world wide audience via social networks.By the summer of 2011 Imp played some of the well known demo festivals in region and gathered loyal local audience and since july Imp signed with UK's indie label "Kerosene Records". Three song EP called "The Puppet EP" is set to be released on October 20th"

1). How does autumn influence your music?
Our bass player told yesterday that autumn is the most inspiring time of the year for him. The rest of the band admires the seasons equaly.

Bronny AC - Blues / Roots, Australia (ArenaCast E87)

About: Bronny AC is a Blues and Roots artist hailing from Melbourne, Australia.

"Bronny AC combines gutsy vocals with slick guitar skills to produce an impressive sound. 
Being a huge Tommy Emmanuel fan, Bronny was blown away to receive an encouraging phone call from him after he heard her demo. This inspired her to refine her guitar skills and a year later she was awarded the ‘Australian Young Guitarist of the Year.’ 
Bronny has performed with many accomplished musicians over the years and has just recorded a brand new EP ‘Oh me Oh mi,’ which showcases extraordinary musicianship and songwriting ability."

1). How does autumn influence your music?
Autumn brings with it a certain calmness. The weathers still quite cold and it's a great time to spend indoors with a guitar in hand writing music.

Sep 8, 2011

ArenaCast Weekly Poll

Dear friends, join our initiative and vote for these 3 wonderful artists who will compete to be featured in the next ArenaCast podcast! 
Check them out and vote for them in our Poll at our Facebook page!

Our first candidate is Cecilia Adriana Gimenez, folk-rock/indie artist from Spain

Enjoy her song  "Can Reull" and vote for it!

The second contestant is Breaking Curfew - rock/indie band from Glasgow, UK

Listen to their track "Courtesy Blues" and help them to win!

The third candidate is a rock band from San Paulo, Brazil - Magnuss Rock.

Check out his song "Contradição" and vote for it!

You can vote for these tracks at our Facebook page!

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ArenaCast Episode 87 Playlist

Week September 8 - September 14
This week: Episode 87 highlights new albums by The Horrible Crowes, George Strait, WU LYF and Peter Wolf Crier, while featuring 10 songs by artists from Denmark, America, England, Australia, Canada and Croatia.
ArenaCast Episode includes:

# Artist Track
1 Stefan Holbek Showdown
2 India Mill Morning Song
3 The Maybes
Simpler Times
4 Bronny AC Stay a While
5 Six Towns Atlantis
6 Anthony Rocha Wasting Time
7 Graces Collide Make Your Move
8 Scottie Reh Silhouette Love
9 Imp Generation Blind
10 Pillform Down So Long

Topics about our featured artists are coming soon!

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The Blind Watchmakers - Blues / Classic Rock from Scotland (ArenaCast E86)

About: The Blind Watchmakers - Blues / Classic Rock band from Glasgow, Scotland

"The Blind Watchmakers aren't like your Joe Bloggs pop rock band or one of those heavy riffing pussy metal bands who just make a racket of noise and jump about with their skinnies round their ankles flashing their He-Man boxers. No!! They are a 4 piece outfit bringing back the good old days of rock and f*ckin roll. If you want beer throwin, booty shakin, love makin, head nodding, cock-prodding, rockin riffing, peter griffen, arm raising, trail-blazing, air pounding, get-a-round-in, funky, spunky, cheeky monkey, in the bank, have a ****, rock and roll attitude? - well you've come to the right place. The Blind Watchmakers bow to no-one! These guys have played in clubs, pubs, radio stations, concert halls and rocked out to 3 guys, a sheep with a beard and a pint of john smiths extra smooth just for something to do on a boring old Thursday night. So get your backsides up off the floor, make your way to the door (even bring a whore!?) and go see The Blind Watchmakers Live!"

1). What is the most exotic/extraordinary place you have ever performed at?
Paul - I once played in a supermarket for an opening day.
The band played at a motorway truck stop in the south of Scotland which was a superb gig!!

Sep 7, 2011

Melissa Roof - Indie / Bluesy-Pop, Indianapolis, USA (ArenaCast E86)

About: Melissa Roof - Indie / Bluesy-Pop artist from Indianapolis, USA

"Melissa is a singer from the midwest, with classical training and a background in theater. She is a seasoned entertainer with a passion for music that sets her apart from other asipiring artists. 
Melissa is currently looking for fellow musicians in the Indianapolis area, interested in working together on future projects."

1). What is the most exotic/extraordinary place you have ever performed at?
The most extraordinary place I've ever played was actually just a little hole in the wall pub in Nashville, TN. The band I was with at the time was just opening for a local act with a big following, and we got a HUGE response from their fans. It was small and dark, but there was just fantastic energy there.

Sep 5, 2011

ArenaCast Ultimate Monthly Poll (August 2011)

Today we start a very exciting poll on our facebook page! We want to find out who out of the featured artists in August episodes of ArenaCast podcast has given the most interesting and informative interview for our blog.
"The best ArenaCast interview poll" consists of 2 parts and will last for 2 weeks.
On 19th of September we will announce the winner who will get a featured interview which will appear in R&R World news sections, social networks and in our weekly newsletter.
So read the interviews and vote hard for your favourite artists in our poll!

James Morgan - Acoustic / Alternative / Folk, UK (ArenaCast E86)

About: James Morgan - Acoustic / Alternative / Folk artist from Coventry ,UK

"I first picked up a guitar when I was twelve, in an attempt to become windswept and interesting to women. 
Ten years later, and it still hasn't quite happened yet. But I'm pretty good with a six-string...
In 2011 I started writing songs that needed something else, and the The Knights Of The Road were born (thanks to Marcus Cornall for the band name). 
Haven't quite made it work yet, but it's only a matter of time... Moving to London to pursue the music more intently is the next move, so expect a lot more gigs soon!"

1). What is the most exotic/extraordinary place you have ever performed at?
Most extraordinary gig I've ever done... not really exotic at all, but supporting Feeder at Coventry University's Summer Ball was an awesome gig, that was with my old band AlJazzEra. At one gig I played a guy turned up inside a full sized dalek, which was pretty exotic! First gig I've done to aliens, heh.

Misskye - Alternative/Hip-Hop/R&B, Portugal (ArenaCast E86)

About: Misskye - Alternative, Hip-Hop, R&B artist from Oporto, Portugal

"Success starts to show up when she is invited by many artists such as Yvane, Don Sebkys, MC Lord to perform musical featurings with them. Somewhere amidst R&B and Pop Rock, Misskye reveals that names like Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Jonas Brothers or Miley Cyrus are her sources of inspiration. She dreams about recording her own album and having a steady career in order to make her love messages remarkable to a mainly young public."

1). What is the most exotic/extraordinary place you have ever performed at?
I performed once and it was on a restaurant here in Portugal.. It was cool :P

Station Agents - Garage/Hard Rock, London, UK (ArenaCast E86)

About: Station Agents - a Garage/Hard Rock band from London,UK

"A young rock band from London, formed in the spring of 2011, inspired by the simmering sun rising from the ashes of a long dull winter. As the sun increased in intensity so did Station Agents, creating song after song of sonic sublimity. With this necromancy now realised in the form of an audio recording, there will be no limit upon the magic spun by Station Agents. Prepare to be charmed as the music will follow you everywhere, and whether you like it or not we'll shove it right up your big society until there's nothing to do but rock out."

1). What is the most exotic/extraordinary place you have ever performed at?
Craig: At a rave in a barn near Beaulieu
Will: I played a couple of gigs in Norway with a previous band...we weren't very good and I'm still slightly traumatised by the experience.

Evelyn May - Alternative/Pop Singer/Songwriter, Australia (ArenaCast E86)

About: Evelyn May - a 19 year old singer/songwriter from Sydney, Australia

"Her ambitions in terms of her developing solo music career and the creations she brings to life now and in the future far exceed what they may be interpreted as from the surface. With influences ranging from modern solo artists, through to old school alternative rock bands, Evelyn May is currently in the process of collaborating with other artists and industry professionals to achieve the development and crafting of a multi-dimensional sound."

1). What is the most exotic/extraordinary place you have ever performed at?
To date there aren't any stand out 'exotic' places that I could mention. But as for extraordinary I would have to say it would be the time when I was around 10 years old and my dad was the musical director for Mickey Rooney, the entertainer, when his show was in Australia. I went to his rehearsal to watch, and Mickey invited me up on stage and I played piano and sang for him. It was surreal at that age to be in a huge theatre playing for a US star even if it was a rehearsal. As for performing in recent times, I set the bar high for anything to be considered ‘extraordinary’ so that will remain ahead of me.

Sep 2, 2011

Fragile Tom - Synthie Pop / New Wave, Germany (ArenaCast E86)

About: Fragile Tom ,very interesting duo from Hessen.

"Fragile Tom is a german synthie-pop project founded by Steffen Huber and André Rauhofer in 2009. Though not really grown up in the 80s, the music is heavily influenced by bands like „Tears For Fears", „OMD", „New Order" or „Echo & The Bunnymen". Different kinds of rockmusic do also play a role, when it comes to songwriting. After the recording of the first four songs there unfortunately has been a rather long break, but finally it has to be done. Enjoy the music and feel free to comment!"

1). What is the most exotic/extraordinary place you have ever performed at?
We have only performed various gigs with some of our other projects, but none of them were really exotic. Once upon a time one of us took part in a band-contest final and while we wouldn't call the venue exotic, it definitely was a weird experience. Of course we are going to do concerts in the near future... as early as we can afford the time to do so.

Caroline Hitland - Folk / Pop / Easy Listening, Norway (ArenaCast E86)

About: Caroline Hitland ,very talented singer - songwriter.

"I'm a Norwegian singer and songwriter currently spending my days in Bratislava, Slovakia, recording my first album.
Music has always been my greatest passion, and after ending high school, I lived 3 years in Sweden taking a degree in Performing Arts, and later in Copenhagen studying vocal technique at Complete Vocal Academy.
Three years ago I had a turning point in my career, when I met guitar player Stanislav Pocaji from Slovakia. We started a band together, and since then we have played numerous concerts in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany and Norway.
Stanislav has co-written with me all the songs for my first album."

1). What is the most exotic/extraordinary place you have ever performed at?
The most extraordinary place I've performed must have been in a small town in the middle of Slovakia, Banska Stiavnica. Here we played a gig in a small old gold mine in the wintertime. It was freezing, and I think I had 2 jackets on, but the atmosphere in this place was simply magical, and it still is one of my favorite gigs so far.

Sep 1, 2011

Meta - indie pop, Germany (ArenaCast E86)

About: Meta ,amazing artist from Hamburg

"I've been making music especially singing since my whole life. Dancing is a passion, too. I was involved in many music projects, mainly in Berlin, where i lived about 6 years. And since one year i've been living in Hamburg and me as „Meta“, i founded 6 month ago. I do all my music on my own with my computer, even my live-gigs are done by my computer. I love dancing, and i would like to bring my audience to dance. The centre of my music is vocals, because i have had vocal training very long in pop, jazz and claccic vocals. Rhythm is also very important.
I want to play my music everywhere in clubs, bars, all over the world; you can even book me for your private party in your living room.

1). What is the most exotic/extraordinary place you have ever performed at?
in Living Rooms

ArenaCast Weekly Poll

And again we ask you to join our initiative and vote for these 3 wonderful artists who will compete to be featured in the next ArenaCast podcast!
Check them out and vote for them in our Poll at our Facebook page!

Our first candidate is These Skies , cool indie rock band band from Nottingham.

Enjoy their song  "Synchronize 144" and vote for it!

The second artist is Mixedblessing - God inspired duo from Norway

Listen to their track "MixedBlessings" and help them to win!

The third candidate is interesting cool artist Stefan Holbek from Copenhagen

Check out his song "Showdown" and vote for it!

You can vote for these tracks at our Facebook page!

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ArenaCast Episode 86 Playlist

Week August 31 - September 7
This week: Episode 86 highlights new albums released this week by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lil Wayne, David Guetta, Lenny Kravitz and Cobra Starship, while featuring songs by artists from Portugal, Germany, Canada, Australia, America, England, Norway and Scotland.
ArenaCast Episode includes:

# Artist Track
1 Misskye Goodbye
2 Fragile Tom Black Coats
3 Jaymie Em
4 Evelyn May Sound of a Dreamer
5 James Morgan Gaffa Tape And Glue
6 Melissa Roof Such A Fool
7 Station Agents Hallowed be Thy Middle Name
8 Meta Joy Di Visions
9 Caroline Hitland Easy As That
10 Blind Watchmakers Good Morning Miss America

Topics about our featured artists are coming soon!

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