Sep 28, 2011

ArenaCast Special Episode (№90)

Week September 28 - October 5
This week: This playlist was created by the winner of our Monthly Poll Hiram Reyes and features 10 songs by artists from México, America, UK, Canada and Italy, performing in the genres of Folk, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Rock and Metal.

"The artist's I chose for this episode are different in sound, rythym and feelings, Different Styles representing different personalities, from Acoustic sounds, to electric sounds, some of these artists are already chosen for weekly podcasts, So i chose another songs from their profiles, 3 of the 10 bands are from México, and the rest are from Uk, Canada and Italy." Hiram Reyes

# Artist Track
1 RunToLife A Lone Green Park
2 Charlie's Trail Aldea
3 Julian Maraboto
4 Haster Resting Place
5 Phil Sinclair I'm Pushing You Away
6 New Disorder The perfect Time
7 Zeit Happiness (In Times Of Misery)
8 Artinair Devil
9 Pillform Down So Long
10 SilentNation Loaded Gun

Topics about our featured artists are coming soon!

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