Sep 29, 2011

ArenaCast Weekly Poll

Every week 3 R&R World artists are given a good chance to be featured in the weekly ArenaCast podcast.
For one week these artists will compete in a poll on our facebook page where all their fans, friends and music lovers can vote for them. The artist with the biggest number of votes will appear in the next podcast!

Check out this week's contestants! 

Listen, enjoy and vote in our facebook poll!

Our first candidate is an urban pop / R&B artist A.B.Y.S.S. from Plainfield, USA

Check out cool song  "Automatic" and vote for it!

The second contestant is Adrienne Iversen - talented singer from Windsor, Ontario

Listen to her song "Free To Be Me" and help her to win!

And the third candidate is a Gospel / Christian Rap band Andre Nostalgic and Glory from Miami

Check out their song "Happy Hour" and vote for it!

You can vote for these tracks at our Facebook page!

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