Sep 15, 2011

Artinair - Indie Pop /Rock Pop, Vancouver, Canada (ArenaCast E88)

About: Artinair - Indie Pop /Rock Pop/Alternative band from Vancouver, Canada

"Artinair is an alternative rock band from Vancouver, B.C., Canada, composed of Kate (Vocals), Jon (Bass) and Don (Guitars). They were brought together by very unique circumstances and sheer chance. Interested? Check out their R&R World profile for more info!"

1). How does autumn influence your music?
Autumn does not influence our music at all. Specifically, Spring would be the season that influences us. The flowers blooming, the birds chirping and babies being born inspires us to create fresh and unique sounds reminiscent of the sound that electric fans make. Really, this can also be compared to the light hum that the wind makes during Spring season.

2). What book or movie has influenced your creative work the most?
The book El Filibusterismo. You can say that it can somewhat accurately portray our current position and mindset.

3). Do you perform cover songs at your shows? If yes, what songs?
Yes! We love Red Hot Chili peppers so we enjoy covering some of their songs. Crowds love it too! We also do a few songs by Portishead, Incubus, some famous rappers, Beethoven, etc.

4). Were you good in school? Do you miss your school years?
I was definitely a good student. Sure, I broke a few rules here and there, but I was definitely a good student in contrast to some of my peers who burned down the highschool faculty room. Jon (our bassist) was a very hard worker during his highschool days, but was also tight-knit with really social-dominant "cliques" (you know, highschool politics). So you could say he had the best of both worlds: academics and social standing. All I've ever heard from Kate (our singer) regarding her highschool was that she was "awesome".

5). Would you like to be a superhero? What superpowers would you like to have and why?
Personally, I wish I had the ability to instantly make snow. I really like snow. Realistically speaking however, for the world's sake, it would definitely be a BAD idea for us to have superpowers. In all honesty, we'd probably end up being the evil supervillains.

Listen to: Artinair - Following Alice

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