Sep 8, 2011

The Blind Watchmakers - Blues / Classic Rock from Scotland (ArenaCast E86)

About: The Blind Watchmakers - Blues / Classic Rock band from Glasgow, Scotland

"The Blind Watchmakers aren't like your Joe Bloggs pop rock band or one of those heavy riffing pussy metal bands who just make a racket of noise and jump about with their skinnies round their ankles flashing their He-Man boxers. No!! They are a 4 piece outfit bringing back the good old days of rock and f*ckin roll. If you want beer throwin, booty shakin, love makin, head nodding, cock-prodding, rockin riffing, peter griffen, arm raising, trail-blazing, air pounding, get-a-round-in, funky, spunky, cheeky monkey, in the bank, have a ****, rock and roll attitude? - well you've come to the right place. The Blind Watchmakers bow to no-one! These guys have played in clubs, pubs, radio stations, concert halls and rocked out to 3 guys, a sheep with a beard and a pint of john smiths extra smooth just for something to do on a boring old Thursday night. So get your backsides up off the floor, make your way to the door (even bring a whore!?) and go see The Blind Watchmakers Live!"

1). What is the most exotic/extraordinary place you have ever performed at?
Paul - I once played in a supermarket for an opening day.
The band played at a motorway truck stop in the south of Scotland which was a superb gig!!

2). When you are 70 – how do you see your life?
Every rock star wannabe would love to get to 70 and have millions in the bank, some of us would like to still play although it would be great to walk into a random venue/bar and have a shot of karaoke or open mic nights just to being back the feelings of where it all began.

3). If you could talk to any of the rock-stars, dead or alive, whom would you talk to and what would you ask?
John Lennon. I'd ask him what he REALLY saw in Yoko ... although im sure Davie would like to ask Jimi Hendrix what's it feels like to be now considered the 2nd greatest guitarist of all time :D

4). What countries and cities would you like to visit the most during the tour?
Obviously USA would be a great place to start with. Boston & St Louis are good rock n' roll cities.
It would be amazing to play a few gigs along the original route 66.

5). Which famous band/artist you would be glad to share the stage with?
Paul - Steven Tyler of Aerosmith :)
Davie - Eddie Van Halen
Brian - Eric Clapton
Dave - The Who

Listen to: The Blind Watchmakers - Good Morning Miss America

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