Sep 15, 2011

Feather Oars - Indie / Experimental Rock / Folk, Nashville, TN (ArenaCast E88)

About: Feather Oars - Indie / Experimental Rock / Folk band from Nashville, TN

"Formed in August of 2011 by 5 freshman at Belmont University, Feather Oars is a band that fuses singer-songwriter acoustic style writing with more experimental embellishment ideas occasionally featuring impassioned yelling and fast paced spoken word. They create a sonic landscape while maintaining the critical melody and conveying sincerity through their lyrics."

1). How does autumn influence your music?
Autumn is a really transitional season and we feel like lots of our writing gets done during time's of transition or is written about changes that occur. It helps us keep from being stagnant in our lyrics. Also, the cool weather is really conducive to outdoor practices.

2). What book or movie has influenced your creative work the most?
We would say that the Bible heavily influences our lyrics but not in a typical sense. We like to use allegorical references and allusions to stories that aren't always typically mentioned in the music scene. Other than that books by authors such as Ayn Rand and Fyodor Dostoevsky inspire much of our writing.

3). Do you perform cover songs at your shows? If yes, what songs?
We don't typically perform covers but we are actually currently working on a cover of "Clouds" by As Cities Burn.

4). Were you good in school? Do you miss your school years?
We like to think we were and are good students and we are actually all freshmen in college so we can't miss those years we are currently enjoying.

5). Would you like to be a superhero? What superpowers would you like to have and why?
We would like to be 1960's Batman, because you just can't beat an inexhaustible vocabulary and ridiculous sound effects.

Listen to: Feather Oars - Forget I Ever Existed

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