Sep 2, 2011

Fragile Tom - Synthie Pop / New Wave, Germany (ArenaCast E86)

About: Fragile Tom ,very interesting duo from Hessen.

"Fragile Tom is a german synthie-pop project founded by Steffen Huber and André Rauhofer in 2009. Though not really grown up in the 80s, the music is heavily influenced by bands like „Tears For Fears", „OMD", „New Order" or „Echo & The Bunnymen". Different kinds of rockmusic do also play a role, when it comes to songwriting. After the recording of the first four songs there unfortunately has been a rather long break, but finally it has to be done. Enjoy the music and feel free to comment!"

1). What is the most exotic/extraordinary place you have ever performed at?
We have only performed various gigs with some of our other projects, but none of them were really exotic. Once upon a time one of us took part in a band-contest final and while we wouldn't call the venue exotic, it definitely was a weird experience. Of course we are going to do concerts in the near future... as early as we can afford the time to do so.

2). When you are 70 – how do you see your life?
Far too difficult to answer. We do not want to get into the prediction business and the promises whole industries are built of. It's already impossible to predict, what will happen to us after answering these questions. But: We sincerly hope that dystopic fiction novels remain fiction - no matter how illuminating they might be in detail.

3). If you could talk to any of the rock-stars, dead or alive, whom would you talk to and what would you ask?
We personally wouldn't like to talk to any of the rockstars, not even the songwriters we love the most. We are mainly interested in the music they craft and maybe certain interviews / documentations. This is all we need to know about them. To fully appreciate someone's work a certain distance seems to be conducive.

4). What countries and cities would you like to visit the most during the tour?
The UK for example, because we are mostly inspired by British artists. Other than that there are so many stunning places all around the world, which makes it hard to decide.

5). Which famous band/artist you would be glad to share the stage with?
We saw one band mentioning Tom Waits on your site, which would be great. Unfortunately we couldn't be further away musically, so even in our wildest dreams it's not going to happen.

Listen to: Fragile Tom - Black Coats

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