Sep 27, 2011

Phil Sinclair - singer songwriter, UK (E89)

About: Phil Sinclair ,very interestig singer from South Yorkshire.

"Phil Sinclair is a Singer/Songwriter from South Yorkshire (Sheffield) UK who's got the looks, the style and the talent to make his mark in today's folk scene. Armed with Acoustic Guitar and Harmonica, his performances are reminiscent of Dylan's early years, however Phil adds his own unique style to his songs, making them his own."

1). How does autumn influence your music?
Autumn effects my music a lot more than summer. I find my self more creative in Autumn than any other season.

2).What book or movie has influenced your creative work the most?
Ermm... I don't know maybe a Bob Dylan Song Book?

3). Do you perform cover songs at your shows? If yes, what songs?
I never hardly do a cover at my shows I want people to hear my tracks and what I'm all about. I feel I don't do cover songs the Justice they deserve

4). Were you good in school? Do you miss your school years?
School wasn't for me, I was never understood. I don't miss them days at all.

5). Would you like to be a superhero? What superpowers would you like to have and why?
If I had to be a super hero I would be batman, I've always been a fan of Batman since childhood

Listen to: Phil Sinclair - Take Away My Pain

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