Oct 11, 2011

Aleka Javadi - singer songwriter, UK (E91)

About: Aleka Javadi ,amazing singer from London

"I sing, compose music on the piano, write the lyrics and coproduce my songs. Each song is based on my experiences or my feeling for somebody or something. I don’t want to make stories up and be someone fake, I like to be me without having to pretend. Since the real me has various colours and backgrounds, this can also be heard in my voice and music. When I sing about dealing with the death of my Father in “You are everywhere”, I guess I sound sad, fragile at times and emotional. In contrast to this, the song “No” shows the strong-minded rebellious side of me, standing up for what I believe and being passionate about it. People say that they get goose bumps when they listen to my voice. They say that they can relate to my experiences, that they feel with me."

1). What is the best time of the day for you to compose your music?
It's 24/7 because any time you have available, is the best time to compose music. When I compose music it comes from within and listening to how I feel. That's why it doesn't matter what time it is to me. Exterior factors like daylight or noises can however disturb this mood which is why I like to have it dark and pretend its night time.

2). If you could choose, in what country and in what century would you like to live?
I would like to live in ancient Greece, time of the temples, fighting Gods and Goddesses, scary myths, amphitheatres, poetry & bright ideas, bathing all day long in the temple pools and enjoying lavish food and costumes.

3). What is your favourite meal?
That has to be my Mums top hit aubergine and rice dish with garlic-cucumber yoghurt. As a starter, main, dessert and snack!!! Also could bath in warm and oily vanilla-cinnamon-pastry-cake. He he... Problem is I could eat so much, I just fall over and sleep afterwards...

4). If you were a writer, what would be the main idea of your book and what would you name it?
It would be a modern fairy tale about a woman wanting to be a girl, talking to elves, trying to find her way through life, wondering what makes her happy and her environment a better place, switching between past, present and future events. It would be a mix of my thoughts, invented thoughts, cruel reality, wonderful dreams and utopia. The title would be "Smile".

5). You had a million dollars and only 24 hours to spend it, what would your actions be?
Since I would spend it on really useful things like red boots that don't fit (cause they are the last pair and I need to have them) or IT equipment which I don't know how to use and leaving in the corner to collect dust, I would ask my brother, "THE BRAIN", for some clever investment advice and give parts of it to charity and cancer research.

About: Aleka Javadi - No

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  1. that is one of the best songs i´ve ever heard and a beautiful woman singing it. thanks i want more!

  2. Thanks!... ;) You can hear more on www.myspace.com/alekajavadi and www.facebook.com/alekajavadi. Hope you like it! Aleka ;)

  3. Wow, what a voice, the song has meaning and the lyrics are really moving. We need more music like this.