Oct 24, 2011

Amy Wooden - singer-songwriter, USA (E93)

About: Amy Wooden , very talented artist from Cherry Hill

Amy has a strong background in choir and was selected to sing for the All-State Choir in her senior year of high school. That experience taught her many things about singing and she embraced the passion that comes along with it.
Although Amy loves performing, she has also developed an enthusiasm for recording. Often times, you will find her performing a show with her “back-up band”, recorded solely by her, loaded onto an iPod for accompaniment. “It just brings the whole show up a notch,” she says.
Amy is currently living in Berlin, NJ and is presently working on her new album. Renaissance woman that she is, she also has an AAS in Nuclear Medicine!

1). What is the best time of the day for you to compose your music?
after the sun goes down and before it comes up

2). If you could choose, in what country and in what century would you like to live?
USA, 1960s

3). What is your favourite meal?
chicken marsala

4). If you were a writer, what would be the main idea of your book and what would you name it?
I gravitate towards end of the world type books so it would probably have something to do with that or the universe itself

5). You had a million dollars and only 24 hours to spend it, what would your actions be?
I would make sure my close friends and family were taken care of then give most of it to charity - CCFA or other IBD research

Listen to: Amy Wooden - If

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  1. I've had the pleasure of watching Amy perform live on more than one occasion. Her performances are consistently enjoyable. She is a very talented and upbeat performer who delivers all her songs with passion. She covers well and her originals show her strong song-writing ability. Always a pleasure to hear her sing. Her cover of Warm Whispers is melodic and her original 'Lavendar' is something we should all have the chance to listen to.

  2. I think I remember seeing her in a band in autoban a while ago. Great local talents and she had a pretty voice. My husband and I enjoyed there original songs