Oct 5, 2011

ArenaCast Episode 91 Playlist

Week October 5 - October 12
This week: Episode 91 features the world premiere of the song "Killer" by the UK band Vice, along with 9 other songs by artists from England, America, the Netherlands and Greece.

Today we have a special feature from UK band VICE ,who decided to make an exclusive premiere of their new song called "Killer" in our podcast.
This song was available only in a short version, but now our listeners can enjoy this lovely song in a complete version. You can be the first,who check this great song!

# Artist Track
1 Adrienne Iversen Free To Be Me
2 John T. Woodall Be My Summertime
3 Tori
Play My Game
4 Aleka Javadi No
5 VICE Killer
6 Eva Auad I Tag Along
7 Beth Angharad Small Bird
8 Tara Ortiz Obsession
9 Daisy Deakin Waiting For Your Call
10 Amarina Not Insane

Topics about our featured artists are coming soon!

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