Oct 3, 2011

Hiram Reyes and Run To Life - alternative singer\songwriter, Mexico (E90)

About: winner of our monthly poll, very talented artist Hiram Reyes and his band Run To Life

...This time becoming "Runtolife" Hiram and his band were finalist, and won profesional production for upcoming tracks.
Hiram started to write his first official album "Can't Write Love Songs" of his Project "Runtolife" in september 2009 with Osvaldo Flores, David Arillo & Rafael Rosas at Bemba Records & Zonnart Studios...

Runtolife is the only way we can give more of what we can expect of ourselves and realize our dreams, even if our place is against us"

1). If you had a chance to show one famous band this podcast episode, what band could it be?
I'd like show SWITCHFOOT or MATTHEW GOOD, these artists are so special to me, as a fan and as a musician, because they're a big influence in my life, I have experiences like their meanings, I really love to sing along their songs in the middle of a rainy day :)

2). Were you choosing songs for this episode alone or was someone else from your band helping you? If you had help, who? Were you arguing about the selections?
I chose every song alone, I based my arguing in sounds I like, for example, the feeling and the guitar chords by phil sinclar.. Really makes me feel the strings of his guitar in front of me.. the feeling of Charlie's trail in their jazz songs.. It's a very romantic thing.. there's a big intensity!

3). With whom of these bands would you like to share the stage?
I'd like to share the stage with every band of this podcast, It would be something new for me and my band to change ideas with bands from other countries. that would be awesome!

4). Would you like to do a cover of any of the songs you've chosen for the podcast? Is yes, which song(s)?
Yes, of course, I'd like to make a cover of "I am Pushing You Away" of Phil Sinclair, Love this song! I like soflty melodies with a little melancolic intension..

5). One day you wake up and find out that your album became platinum, what would you do first?
Well.. this is so big and so amazing... if that happens i probably make a new record to give it for free to all of our fans, and make a big concert for free! also make a live streaming by Internet!, I can get crazy thinking about hundred of ideas! make a international Tour! it would be completly awesome!

Listen to: Run To Life - A Lone Green Park

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