Oct 6, 2011

John T.Woodall - singer/songwriter, USA (E91)

About: John T.Woodall - talented artist from Charlotte.

John Woodall is a former AppalachianStateUniversity student who has performed in across the United States. He currently lives in Charlotte NC, where he performs regularly with his band. He also gives solo performances throughout his area. Woodall is a songwriter and guitarist known for his original music and his ability to put a fresh spin on familiar songs old and new. He is currently looking for other artists/producers to collaborate with in the studio.

1). What is the best time of the day for you to compose your music?
First thing in the morning when I am still in an almost dream state but my mind is rested and fresh.
2). If you could choose, in what country and in what century would you like to live? 
I am pretty partial to where I am and but I think I would have loved the 70's.

3). What is your favourite meal? 
Dinner. I love to cook, but none of the other meals allow me to cook the way that dinner allows me to cook.

4). If you were a writer, what would be the main idea of your book and what would you name it?
It would focus on social justice and also loving one another by using open communication. I would call it The Colors Within.

5). You had a million dollars and only 24 hours to spend it, what would your actions be?
I would immediately give half of it to my family and the other half I would give to either researching cures for cancer or I would give half to the families of those men and women who sacrifice so much of themselves by fighting for our freedoms.

About: John T.Woodall - Be My Summertime

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