Oct 26, 2011

Regiment - Indie/Rock, UK (E93)

About: Regiment, cool band from Glasgow

"A rock/indie whirlwind marrying solid riffs, inspiring lyrics and furious energy.Don't miss out on their fast paced high energy sets...a real live treat!"

1). What is the best time of the day for you to compose your music?
I would say at night is the best time to compose music. As a band we put our songs together mainly at that time and night is by far and away the most interesting time of the day. That's when the most eccentric characters come out to play.

2). If you could choose, in what country and in what century would you like to live? 
Britain during the Second World War. It's so ingrained in our collective psyche that it would be fascinating to actually experience that era.

3). What is your favourite meal? 
Pasta. Without question.

4). If you were a writer, what would be the main idea of your book and what would you name it? 
I'd like to write a book about the drudgery of office life. I'd christen it "Diaries of a CSA", which stands for Customer Service Advisor. Failing that, I have thought of creating an alternative travel guide to the EU in a Fear and Loathing-esque style book. All the chapters would just be the countries that were visited and what happened.

5). You had a million dollars and only 24 hours to spend it, what would your actions be? 
I'd invest half in the band and contemplate giving the rest to charity.

Listen to: Regiment -Chemical Night

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