Oct 17, 2011

The Rickashays - Folk / Indie / Reggae, UK (E92)

About:The Rickashays ,very interesting band from Scunthorpe.

"The uniqueness of The Rickashays style seems to be their major appeal to fans, taking inspiration from the far corners of the music industry The Rickashays have resulted with a distinctive blend of Indie, Reggae and Folk that seems to intrigue and captivate listeners wherever they go.
The Rickashays formed in summer 2010, and after a long stint of bedroom rehearsal time they hit the ground running with their first gig in September 2010 followed by a second place in Scunthorpe’s battle of the bands and a gig in Manchester within a matter of months.
The Rickashays can be found on iTunes from November 2010.
They will also be bringing out their album "Songs your mum would enjoy" on the 17th of December 2011, and will be hosting an album launch at the Lincoln imp.
The Rickashays are also planning to tour in 2012, so keep your ears peeled. "

1). What is the best time of the day for you to compose your music?
Anytime, we don't really have a set time it just comes to us.

2). If you could choose, in what country and in what century would you like to live?
Gosh, Either spain, or Turkey!

3). What is your favourite meal?
great british!

4). If you were a writer, what would be the main idea of your book and what would you name it?
Do's and don'ts of nights out - The winners guide

5). You had a million dollars and only 24 hours to spend it, what would your actions be?
Make lots of CDs, send them to lots of people, buy nice things, put on a great gig, buy a van, book a tour!

Listen to: The Rickashays - By The Moonlight

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