Oct 3, 2011

ROTZ - winners of August from Guatemala

Last week we have announced our August winners - cool band "ROTZ" from Guatemala.

And the main prize in this poll was a featured interview with the winner!
So, here it is!
Check out the very interesting and extended answers to our questions by the band "ROTZ"! Enjoy!

1). Please tell us the story of your band. When and how did you meet? How did everything start for the band?
Rotz: Before I met Bowy, I used to play solo, and my project was called “Dialogues”. I used to play some of the actual songs at local bars and parties.
Due to my last name, Rodas, my schoolmates gave me several nicknames until one, ROTZ, finally came to be.
I had been trying to set up a band for a little while, with little success. One day I met Diego at our University while we were in the common room doing our homework. And turns out that Diego had been living just a couple blocks form my house for like… 10 years, and we never met before.
Right away our musical taste just synced, so we talked about Indie and Folk music for a while. A couple days later he came to my house and we jammed for a little while, until he asked me to come to the studio to check out some of the recording going on.
So basically, this is how ROTZ became a duo band. Fate had us moving around.

2). Tell us more about the Guatemalan music scene? How do you see your place in it?
There’s been a trend recently for certain bands to write and play in English, and that created a perfect spot for us. But I think we are kind of different to any band that has ever appeared around here.
Before we came to be, there was not any real place for experimentation, there was just, rough Rock, Reggae or Pop, which is not bad, but it's always good to hear something different.

3). Please share your bands music plans. Do you plan to release an album or EP soon?
We’re currently working on an EP that’s called "Monsters"! There’s been several delays on the way (during production) and financial issues, but we are now back on track.

4). Do you have Indian roots? If yes, does it influence your music?
Well, almost every person living in Guatemala has rather indigenous roots you know, after all we have Mayan ancestors. It does not necessarily affect our music, but we have been planning on writing a song using marimba (which is actually the national instrument).

5). Are you planning any experiments with any ethnic instruments?
Like we said in the previous question, we are planning on writing songs using marimba but any instrument, whether it is ethnic or not, is open to discussion in the writing of our songs. In fact, we think any instrument or melodic object is able to have a beautiful place in a song.

6). Do you believe it will be the end of the world in 2012? What are the main things you would want to do before that time?
Hahaha, that’s a theory in which not all of us in Guatemala agree. Personally we don’t think that the apocalypse is going to happen in 2012, but if we’re wrong…. Boy, I think we got to write and play our ass off!

7). If you could ask one question to the leader of your country, what would it be?
Bowy: If you mean the president, we don’t think there’s too much to ask to a man like him.
ROTZ: I would ask: Why don’t you do something good about anything at all?!!

8). What was the biggest challenge in your life as a band?

Bowy: Ufff…. For me I think it would be…. To rehearse and give my best on the stage, especially by not making any mistakes during the songs. Sometimes I tend to be a little [bit of a] perfectionist so it breaks my heart to make dumb mistakes on the stage.
Rotz: I would say… Writing the lyrics for a song. As the writer, I believe I am more a sounds-man rather than a lyrics man. Though I really do my best [work] with lyrics.

9). Please share a funny story that has happened to your band.
Bowy: Hahaha, well there’s a story behind every song but I think the funniest of them all, is “X & Y”.
One day we were hanging out in Diego’s house. In the backyard with an acoustic guitar Diego started to joke about a girl I used to like, to whom I gave as a Christmas present- a fork (it was a very expensive fork by the way.), and he said to me:
-Hey, I got this new melody but I don’t have lyrics.
After a while, we started writing and singing about that girl I used to like. That’s why the song says: “I could give you more than that stupid fork, you know I would.”
And now that girl happens to be my girlfriend. (:

10). And finally, please say some final words to the members of R&R World

If you found us, please tell your friends, your mom, your teacher, your dog and your whole neighborhood, cos’ our music is meant to be shared and heard.
If you’re a fellow musician, keep it up and never give up, there’s always hope for something better. We do this for love and passion, so do what you like but always give your best.

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