Nov 16, 2011

Andreas Birkedahl - indie rock, Sweden (E96)

About: Andreas Birkedahl, talented artist from Stockholm

"I´m currently working on some acoustic stuff that will appear on the site in a near future, and also on some heavier stuff that I suppose would fall under the "metalcore"-genre."

1). If you had a chance to be in a movie, what movie and what part would you choose? 
Well, I´m a big fan of the comedy-genre so I guess that would be my first pick. But, having said that, a role in a action-movie á la "Boondocks-saints" wouldn´t be too bad either.

2). Would you like to have your own radio station? If yes - What would you name it and what music would you play on it?
Well, I don´t know what I´d call my radio station, but I do know that it would feature songs from bands like; Counting crows, Live, Memphis may fire and Stone sour, i.e. a mix of modern alternative rock/metal.

3). Name the three characteristics that you think are most important for a musician to have?
Talent, feeling and humility.

4).  Does your family like your music? Do they support you?
My family likes my music and they´ve always provided great support.

5). Please share with us your first experience on stage. Where was it and how did it go?
Well, I don´t really remember my first experience on stage per se, but I do remember that the first experiences I had to a high degree was characterized by stage fright, panic and sweaty palms. Luckily the experience have improved since then. :) 

Listen to: Andreas Birkedahl - Silver Starlight

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