Nov 30, 2011

ArenaCast Special Episode (№98)

Week November 30 - December 7
This week: This special episode focuses on female singers and features artists and bands from countries such as the Netherlands, France, America, Australia and the United Kingdom

# Artist Track
1 Laura Estevez Talk Baby Talk
2 Justine Vuckovic Nurse Violette
3 Doris And The Daydreamers
Changing Lanes
4 4 Station Road We Could Be One
5 Kaitlin Klotz Tomorrow Coming
6 Omnibox Smalls
7 Julia Rose Razorback Rd
8 Sonia Montez Red Moon
9 Karena Kelly Midnight Walk
10 CaROLiNE JAY Good Old Fashioned Love

Topics about our featured artists are coming soon!

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