Nov 14, 2011

Dave O'Grady - Singer/Songwriter, Ireland (E96)

About: Dave O'Grady, very talented irish artist.

Now 21, Dave first picked up a Guitar aged 12 and played his first Live Performance at 13.
Growing up within sight of the Guinness Factory in Dublin, Dave’s Father, himself a local musician of some note, ensured his lad sampled many a heady draught from the musical well.
From Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jeff Healey and Rory Gallagher to Christy Moore, Steve Earle and Tom Waits. The effects of exposure to such a rich medley of influences permeate the fabric of every Dave O’Grady track.
Since embarking on his musical journey he has shared the stage with such Legends as Jon Bon Jovi, Seal, Russell Watson, Ringo Starr and most recently supported Sandi Thom on tour throughout the UK.

1). If you had a chance to be in a movie, what movie and what part would you choose?
I really like the movie "In Bruges" and Colin farrell's character Ray, i know he is a guy with a dark past but i think the script is beautifully worked and the scenes create and vulnerability that you cant help but releate too.

2). Would you like to have your own radio station? If yes - What would you name it and what music would you play on it?
I would love to have my own radio station! it would be called "Whiskey FM" and we could play CCR & The Band and thats it! haha

3). Name the three characteristics that you think are most important for a musician to have?
Dedication, Dedication and be friendly, there are already to many dick-heads, we dont need more.

4). Does your family like your music? Do they support you?
My family are big music fans and my mum is a beautiful singer but as for "performing" no, am the first.

5). Please share with us your first experience on stage. Where was it and how did it go?
My first time on stage was with my first ever high-school band when i was 13, and it was.............great! haha no it was awful, but it was a starting point.

Listen to: Dave O'Grady - Bones

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