Nov 8, 2011

The Maybes - winners of September from New York

Two weeks ago we have announced our September winners - cool band "The Maybes" from New York.

And the main prize in this poll was a featured interview with the winner!
So, here it is!
Check out the very interesting and extended answers to our questions by the band "The Maybes"! Enjoy!

1). Please tell us the story of your band. When and how did you meet, and what really got the band going?
We've all been friends since way back when, but our band formed roughly four years ago. Three of us were living in the city and began messing around, jamming for fun, and coming up with a few rough tunes. It was great timing that Charles moved back to New York from California at that early stage. He jumped in the line-up, and added a much fuller sound to what we already had. That's when we really started to connect as a band.

2). What artists and bands have influenced your music the most?
We don't think one particular artist or band has influenced us, but rather a pretty big mix of music and popular culture; driving rock, hip-hop, golden oldies, soul, movies, sports, the list goes on. Also, a good sense of humor and some native New York perspective wind up having an effect on our style of music too. For better or worse we don't know.

3). We heard you plan to release a new album soon. Tell us more about the recording process and the main idea of the album?
That's right, this winter we plan on recording our first full length album. This time around, we'd like to take a little more time on each song, focusing on making the album loud, driving, energetic, and really capturing the essence of our band. Sometimes it's tough to translate those feelings in the studio. We've learned that it's best to take our time but not sweat the small stuff. The devil's in the details.

4). What music brands do you mainly use, and what are your favourites?

We're not a band that focuses a whole lot of attention on gear but we've found some equipment that works well for us. Henry loves his Gibson SG that he runs through a Fender Hot Rod. Charles and Jay like playing through their classic Peavey rigs, but not so much lifting them. And Sean is all about his Slingerland kit. Basically anything that's loud, meaty, and has some character is fine by us.

5). With whom you would love to share the stage with and go on tour?
We'd love to share the stage and go on tour with all of the bands that we admire. So if any of you are reading this, we're really nice guys, great conversationalists, we'll help carry heavy equipment and have no problem making coffee runs either.

6). Have you ever performed outside of the USA? Please share something about those experiences with us if you have.
Unfortunately we've never ventured outside the US as a band, but hell, name the place, name the time, and we'll be there. Even if there's one villager and his horse there, we'll play the heck out of that show. Not that all other countries besides the US have villagers that ride horses, we didn't mean that.

7). Being a NY band, could you share some tips on how to find and organize a gig in New York.
Getting gigs in NY is all about connections and sticking your neck out. We've gotten a lot of our shows by knowing other bands, and making connections through them. You have to suck it up and play those Tuesday night openers too, if nothing else than to get heard by three more people and find out who they know. Other than that, it's just about practicing, taking chances, and not being shy.

8). What has been the biggest challenge for you as a band?
The biggest challenge for us as a band, has always been time. Unfortunately all of us still need day jobs so it's tough for us to always make it to practice and come up with new material. But we think that making music together is all about having fun, and that's what keeps us playing.

9). Please share a funny story with us that has happened to your band.
We have a rat living in our rehearsal space that we named Ricardo. One time he crawled out of a pipe in the ceiling, turned to look at us and crawled calmly into another opening. He only comes out when we play Billy Joel covers.

10).And finally, please share some final words to the members of R&R World on any topic of your choice!
To all the other great bands in the R&R community, send us a line because we'd love to hear from you. We've got a lot more songs that we're anxious to record and really looking forward to sharing with you all. Until then, let's all go out for a slice, it's on us.

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