Nov 7, 2011

The Ordinary - brit pop/rock, UK (E95)

About: The Ordinary , cool 4 piece rock band from Stockport.

"The Ordinary are a very exciting , high energy 4 piece rock band from Stockport, Near Manchester, UK who have been playing together since 2009 who get a kick out of entertaining audiences.
This awesome young band have performed at a number of venues such as Middleton Arena, Stockport Guild Hall, Manchester Dry Bar and Manchester Academy and had airtime just recently on Pure Radio.
The Ordinary are supporting We Still Dream from Jacksonville, Florida on their UK Tour in November 2011 and have many more venues booked over the next several months.
The Band have written and produced several of their own songs and had great reviews and are now working with a very well respected music producer and studio laying down a number of tracks over the next few months."

1). If you had a chance to be in a movie, what movie and what part would you choose?
Euro trip

2). Would you like to have your own radio station? If yes - What would you name it and what music would you play on it?
Generation XS - anything from Pop Punk to alternative rock -1980s on wards

3). Name the three characteristics that you think are most important for a musician to have?
Charisma / Dedication / Creativity

4). Does your family like your music? Do they support you?
They love are music and they support us at all our Gigs and rehearsals

5). Please share with us your first experience on stage. Where was it and how did it go?
Played at Manchester Academy in front of a large crowd and got a wall of death going - Great night

Listen to: The Ordinary -Jealousy

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