Nov 8, 2011

Stone Kings - Hard Rock,UK (E95)

About: Stone Kings,extremly talented british band.

“Stone Kings is a rock band with a difference... Fusing an array of rock and metal influences, Stone Kings deliver a fresh take on heavy music the likes of which hasn’t been seen in some time. With artfully structured songs containing riffs that stir your blood and lyrics that take you on a journey, listening to this band is like getting high without the drugs! Having heard an advance copy of their soon to be released self-titled debut and caught a couple of live shows, this reviewer can honestly say that Stone Kings are very likely to be playing some of the major music festivals next year. This is the band to keep your eye on folks, so watch this space...”
Steve Seger, Music Minute 

1). If you had a chance to be in a movie, what movie and what part would you choose?
Gav : Terminator 5. I'd like to be a Terminator!
Dom : The Hangover!
Gary : Id have to say Marty McFly from back to the future. Its one of my favourite films from my childhood, and being able to travel between past and future in the DeLorean would be awesome!
Gregg : Raoul Duke in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, or Jeff Lebowski in The Big Lebowski, who's character kinda fits how my life really is.

2). Would you like to have your own radio station? If yes - What would you name it and what music would you play on it?
Gav : Sure, I reckon that'd be cool to have your own show. It'd be rock n' metal all the way.
Gary : I’d name it Rebelseed Radio and it would air mainly Rock and Metal, but would also have shows dedicated to Soundtrack Music and (decent) Hip Hop.
Gregg : Yeah I'd love to. I'd called it Gregg FM and I'd play an eclectic mix of all the music I love, school people on what's good.

3). Name the three characteristics that you think are most important for a musician to have?
Gav : A good ear. Willingness to learn. Dedication.
Gary : To have drive. To have an open mind. To be realistic
Gregg : Open-mindedness, laid-back persona, patience.

4). Does your family like your music? Do they support you?
Gav : Yes and absolutely.
Dom : Yes and Yes.
Gary : Yes they do like my music and support me too. I’m very lucky for that, so I’d like to thank them all. Thank you!
Gregg : Yeah they think it sounds really good, they're really pleased for me.

5). Please share with us your first experience on stage. Where was it and how did it go?
Gav : I was 15, I was playing drums in the school ''band'' that had been thrown together for a school musical. I only played one song and was nervous as hell. It was fine in the end but looking back I realised that although I was nervous, I was pretty fearless. We'd actually only rehearsed the song once before the actual performance!!
Gary : I was nearly 16 and it was at a pub called the Waverley in a town called Margate in Kent. It was a batte of the bands and apart from being planted to the spot and my heart pounding for the entire set, I think it went pretty well!
Gregg : It was in my old band Twilight Green at a pub called the Britannia in Margate. Considering it was our first show I held it together pretty well. Could have gone a lot worse.

Listen to: Stone Kings - My Punishment

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