Dec 2, 2011

4 Station Road - singer songwriter, France (E98)

About: 4 Station Road, very talented artist from Paris

"I am Michele Millet, a french singer song-writer based in Paris. I played with several bands and the last one was Not tonight Josephine. We did many gigs in Paris and surrounding area and were the guest band of Billy Paul at the Theatre of Saint Germain en Layes (France). In 2001, we performed at The Reservoir (Paris) where Tori Amos, Radiohead and many others were invited by "Ray Cokes" at "Music Planet 2nite". MCM Session, broadcast on the french channel MCM, offered us 30mn of programme with live performance and interview and so did France Inter, a french national Radio."

1). If you had a chance to be in a movie, what movie and what part would you choose?
The movie would be "Kung fu Panda 1". And I would choose to be the Panda...

2). Would you like to have your own radio station? If yes - What would you name it and what music would you play on it? 
No I don't want to have my own radio station.

3).Name the three characteristics that you think are most important for a musician to have?
Creativity, spirituality and for sure perseverance.

4).Does your family like your music? Do they support you?
Yes my family really like my music and they support me by talking to your friend about it by coming to my gigs...

5). Please share with us your first experience on stage. Where was it and how did it go?
My first gig was in a little town near Paris. I had stage fright and I wanted to run away... but I did it and it was really amazing. I felt like an angel in the sky... I really loved to play my music on stage. And today it's still the same. My next gig is Saturday, December 3rd in a church, what a beautiful place to play!!!

Listen to: 4 Station Road - We Could Be One

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