Jan 6, 2012

ArenaCast Ultimate Monthly Poll (December)

It's time to choose the best band of those who were featured in December episodes of ArenaCast.This time we host a poll right here in blog, so you won't need to go to Facebook to cast your vote. Rules remain the same - you can vote only for one band and only one vote for the same band is allowed.

The poll will be closed on Friday, 20th of January.
The most voted band will get a special interview which will be published in this blog and also featured in News section on R&R World, in weekly newsletter and in our official profiles on Facebook and Twitter.
Remember you can easily share this post with your friends and support your favorite band together. No registration is required to vote.
The bands:


  1. Anodine is Fucking Great, Cool, Realy amazing Sound!!

  2. But not as f***ing awesome as Moresome. It's all in the name ;)

  3. Vote for Scarlet Hatchings! Great band imo!

  4. Moresome is the best one. vote for Moresome.