Dec 8, 2011

Junction 23 - winners of October from Wigan

Two weeks ago we have announced our October winners - cool band "Junction 23" from Wigan.
And the main prize in this poll was a featured interview with the winner!
So, here it is!
Check out the very interesting and extended answers to our questions by the band "Junction 23"! Enjoy!

1). Please tell us the story of your band. When and how did you meet? How did everything start for the band?
Well we knew each other from school and decided to form a band. Our bassist Jed couldn't play bass when we first started, but as we practised and practised we all got better at our instruments, got better at writing songs, got better at performing and got tighter as a band. So far it's been a brilliant experience playing at famous clubs like the Cavern Club and we hope that there's more to come!

2). What is your favourite british band and why?
Now that's a difficult one, but if we're going to narrow it down to one single British band, then I think it'd be wrong not to choose the band that revolutionised music and formed a few miles away from where we are based. Of course we're talking about the Beatles. They wrote some absolutely amazing songs and they were loved by the world. Probably the best thing that's come out of Liverpool!

3). Is it difficult to be an indie-rock band in Britain?
Well, I think it's quite difficult to narrow a lot of bands down to one particular sound or genre. I'm not even sure if you'd class us as an indie-rock band, but yes it can definitely be difficult writing indie-rock music that hasn't already been written by some other band that's better and older than you. I think it's the same with most styles of music anywhere you go. You just need to find your own sound, which is really what we're trying to do at the moment. I reckon our track Groove Tune sounds pretty original.

4). What is your dream as a band?
Well, the others aren't here as I write this (I'm the singer), but my personal dream for our band is to headline the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury festival. It's the first music festival that I ever went to and it really opened up my eyes to music. I was 8 years old when my parents took me to Glastonbury and I saw my first band there. It would be magical to perform there!

5). What do you prefer to drink before and after your gigs?
Well that depends actually whether you mean what we would 'like' to drink or what we know that we 'should' drink. Sometimes if we're playing somewhere in a relaxed setting like a friend's party we'll possibly have a pint before we go on, but we restrict ourselves to water or pop when we're playing serious gigs to make sure that we don't mess up on stage. We played drunk once as I'm sure every band has done. Never again!

6). Do you have lots of gigs? Where was your first one and how did it go?
We usually do actually! We've played at the Cavern Club 3 times, we've played around lots of pubs and clubs in Wigan, Bolton and Liverpool and we've played at lots of parties. We're trying to start getting on at small-scale festivals now really to play in front of larger audiences that haven't heard us before.
Our first gig was in school when were all 13 years old. It was a good experience at the time, but we've come a long way since then and we're a lot more confident, but yeah it was a nice experience. We've still got it on tape too!

7). Do you perform cover songs at your shows? If yes, what songs?
Admittedly we do. We have always played a few covers to fill up our set so it lasts longer, but we're starting to move away from that now and we're aiming to just play our own songs with maybe 1 or 2 covers at a maximum. We used to do a cover of 'I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor' by Arctic Monkeys, 'Just' by Radiohead a few more covers too. Hopefully not for much longer though!

8). Please tell us more about your new EP?
Our EP was basically a record that we made to get ourselves out there and show people what we sound like and what we can do. We'd never had the experience of recording in a studio before we made this EP, but it was a great experience and after a lot of hard work we got a quality recording out of it! We're not going to lie, there's room for improvement on our EP...but it's a bloody good start and we're very proud of it. Hopefully it will be a strong stepping stone leading towards bigger and better things. We hope that you like it! You can also download it free at if you want to piss off the neighbours.

9). Please share a funny story that has happened to your band.
Ah, well I'll relate back to question 5 for this one!
We were playing a gig once at a local music venue called 'Indiependence Club' when we decided to drink beer before we went on. I think that it goes without saying that we drank a little too much.
Mid-way through songs our ex-drummer would go out of time and stop, and when I'd turn around to see what was up he'd just smile and attempt to carry on playing. The look on his face as absolutely hilarious because he was oblivious to the fact that we sounded shockingly bad.
In hind sight it was a very funny experience, but we aint doing it again. We sounded absolutely awful! We're just thankful that there wasn't much of a crowd, but yeah it was fun at the time.

10). And finally, please say some final words to the members of R&R World
Cheers to everyone who voted for us on the poll, and we hope that you keep following us! We'll be writing and recording new stuff soon so keep posted on our Facebook: and download our free EP at:

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