Dec 23, 2011

Moresome - independent
rock band from Austria (E99)

About: Moresome, remarkable group from Vienna

"Ranging from Beatle-esque britpop sounds to electronic indie style, Moresome spans a wide bridge but still keep Founded in 2008, we are influenced by Bowie, Brubeck and a tad of its own distinct sound.
We are based in Vienna, Austria."

1. How did you choose the name for your band? Was it an easy process? Were there any arguments betwend members?
We had HUGE arguments about the name. It ended up with a list containing 70+ names, each one of us with his own favorite. It took us 4 weeks to decide for Moresome.
At the time it wasnt even the favorite of either one of us. It was the only name that all five of us thought wasnt too bad. But then we got to like it, although we got (and still get) a lot of jokes regarding the sexual insinuation of the name (for example do a google image search -> we definately need to work on this ;-)

2. Tell us in one word why you create music?
Hmm, 1 word..? Than we say Fortune ;-)

3. What is your biggest achievement of 2011 as a band?
We had several this year but what we are at the moment quite proud of is the demos that are also online here on R&R. A lot of work went into these and we do like the new, differentiating but also recognisable sound that emerged out of this.

4. Is there a story behind your song "No Doubt"?
Yes there is: "No Doubt" is - generally spoken - about people who compensate their lack of thoughtfulness and empathy with brutality and loudness. In particular, it's about a guy confronting his friendwith some uncomfortable facts, without considering their friendship or possible consequences. His friend messed around with the girl he loves. Her name is Nora...
The entire album will be a story based around this freaky girl. No doubt is just 1 little story where she is the centre piece in. Although one coherent story, each song has a completely different feeling to it.

5. What do you think of episode 99? Which of the other featured songs do you like the most?
We're quite impressed with Acoustic ZOZE. Thats something new, very upward-beat, the pushy western-guitar, and staying interesting until the end.

Listen to: Moresome - No Doubt

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