Dec 29, 2011

The Ordinary - winners of November from Stockport

Last week we have announced our November winners - extremly talented band 'The Ordinary' from Stockport, Near Manchester.
And the prize in this poll was a featured interview with the winner!
So, here it is!
Check out the very interesting and extended answers to our questions by the band 'The Ordinary'! Enjoy!

1). Please tell us the story of your band. When and how did you meet? How did everything start for the band?
The band was formed in 2010 as a 4 piece, 3 of the band members met through school ( Jake Lead ,Mike Bass and Sam drums) and Joe joined slightly later as our lead vocalist. We started by playing at school in the music department , writing a couple of songs which friends liked. We enjoyed playing together so we decided to form the band called ' The Ordinary ' and played at a few local venues including school performances.

2). Where was your first gig and how did it go?
Our very first gig was at a local pub called the Cow and Calf in Stockport, near Manchester. It was a talent competition and we got a great buzz from playing live , we came 1st by a public vote. This gave us loads more confidence to play live gigs in the area.

3). Do you perform cover songs at your shows? If yes, what songs?
Yes we play a mixture of cover songs and our own written and produced tracks . As a band we love playing cover tracks from RHCP, Kings of Leon , Blink 182 , Muse . The songs we get a kick out of playing are Dani California , Can't Stop, Use Somebody , First Date, All the Small Things and Hysteria

4). I see you address different issues in your songs. Is there anything you wouldn't sing about?
No not really, we love writing about all sorts of issues and we want to express our feelings through our songs whether it is personal or global problems.

5). So what have you got planned for the future? Do you plan to release a LP or maybe shoot a new video?
The band have a busy 2012 planned , we are currently organising a Summer Tour playing several festivals in the Manchester area , we are working with a very well respected Music Producer laying down an LP with a mixture of our existing ( Jealousy , Punk Song and Her Pose) and new tracks which we are very excited about. The band will also be releasing a new music video from one of our live performances from Manchester Academy sometime in the middle of 2012. The band are also in discussions with a record label - Watch this space!!!!

6). If you could talk to any of the rock-stars, dead or alive, whom would you talk with and what would you ask?
John Frusciante - who is the old lead guitarist from the RHCP - we would ask him how he puts so much feeling and expression into his performances and also into his song writing for the RHCP. Travis Barker - this guy is one of the worlds best drummers our drummer Sam would ask him how he comes up with so many complicated beats ( and as a drummer I know it is hard to have stage presence) and how he creates so much stage presence live.

7). Can you tell us about the modern Manchester music scene?
Manchester Music scene is very lively and active , there are plenty of really good live music venues which have a full music schedule of local / international bands throughout the year. The venues vary from the large arena's such as MEN , Manchester Academy to other great music venues such as The Dry Bar , Night and Day , Roadhouse where you get some really great up and coming bands. You should get on down to Manchester at weekends as it is a great night out.

8). I know that you are heavily influenced by RHCP, Muse, Blink 182. Can you name a famous Manchester band that has also influenced you?
There are alot of great bands that have originated from Manchester, UK but the band that stands out for us is Oasis. This band have helped influence and shape some of our tracks.

9). Please share a funny story that has happened to your band.
The Ordinary supported a great band called Goddamn Electric at The Dy Bar , Manchester and whilst they played their set we all decided to get up on stage and crowd surf , this was really cool and our bass player Mike had Tequiila on stage for the best crowd surf - you can imagine what happend next ?

10). Finally, do you have a message for the members of R&R World?
The Ordinary ( Joe, Jake , Sam and Mike ) would like to thank everybody for there great support through R&R World during 2011 . We hope that all R& R World members have a great 2012 and please visit us on R&R World and through our face book page or website:

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