Jan 31, 2012

Dogwood Crossing: Australian acoustic rock duo (E103)

About: Dogwood Crossing

Dogwood Crossing: Fraser Coast, Australia based alternative acoustic rock duo from E103 of ArenaCast

In only 2 short years the Dogwood Crossing has built a solid fan base with over 60,000 online supporters. With great album sales and over 250 shows they proved that with hard work and believing in passion it is always possible to live your dream.

1. Is there a story behind your song Edge of It All?
The track "Edge of it All" represents moving on and standing at the edge of a new future without limits and not being stranded in a bad situation where you do not belong.

Jan 30, 2012

Two songs are already chosen for episode 104

Today we are announcing the first to songs of the 104th episode of ArenaCast. Congrats to the winners of weekly Twitter Contest and Facebook Poll!
Most re-tweeted band in Twitter Contest are The Hordes, and their song "Lost In The Mist Of Everything" takes place in ArenaCast E104 playlist as well as the song that won The Facebook poll which is "Back in the Candlelight" by The Kaines!
Thanks for your activity.
ArenaCast E104 is going live on the 8th of February. Keep in touch!

Great Deal of Noise: three piece electronic band from Canada (E103)

About: Great Deal of Noise

Great Deal of Noise, Canada based three piece  electronic band from E103 of ArenaCast

They are playing together since 1996 and going to release new video and 2 more singles before spring this year. On the 2nd of March Great Deal of Noise performs in Montreal.

1. Is there a story behind your song Love Is Just A Sound?
Love Is Just A Sound is one of the rare songs that was created on a single jam session (though the verse has been added later on). The Lyrics means that love of music always made more sense than human love relationships!

Hopeless Passion: soul-punk
project from USA (E103)

About: Hopeless Passion

Hopeless Passion, Pop/Punk project based in Chico CA USA on R&R World

Hopeless Passion is Grant McCracken brainchild. Grant found a very subtle and very personal form to express his life experiences. He is experimenting and looking for new ways. But whatever he do - his music turns sincere and personal.

1. Is there a story behind your song Not Ashamed?
Specifically in regards to Not Ashamed, it's funny, because this song was literally the fastest written song on the record... and I think that's because it was just me saying what I was feeling at the moment, and what I still feel right now.
It was written amidst a lot of questions by friends, family, and what felt like everyone around me... with their expectations of normalcy.
I think the lyrics are pretty clear, but it's basically my response to their collective expectations, and letting them know that I'm not ashamed of what I've become, and that this is who I am.

Jan 28, 2012

A((Wake)): Portland, Oregon USA based prog rock/metal band (E103)

About: A((WAKE))

A((WAKE)), Portland, Oregon USA based prog rock/metal.

They play atmospheric progressive rock / metal in the best traditions of Tool and The Dream Theatre. Epic sound, vocals perfectly aligns with the emotional atmosphere of each composition, instrumental parts are very rich and expressive. All together it creates a challenging vision.

1. Is there a story behind your song Iron Mold?
Iron Mold is essentially the first track of the album so in a sense it is an introduction to the album, lyrically i mean. It speaks of the struggles of personal identity in an estranged modern world where every aspect of our lives is commodified and our connection with the natural world is virtually nonexistent.

Jan 27, 2012

The Cry Baby: London UK based trip-hop act. (E103)

About: The Cry Baby

The Cry Baby, London UK based trip-hop band

This stylish and atmospheric music weaves an invisible canvas around you, Anna Waldmann's voice carried you away, plunging over and over again in your dreams and memories. Song which you can hear in ArenaCast E103 will be a part of 3 track EP that should be released in March.

1. Is there a story behind your song Lullaby?
Lullaby is kind of an analogy for going through life asleep because you're not doing what you should be or you're with people that aren't right for you so it's easier to sleep through it than wake up and do something about it if that makes any sense at all.

Jan 26, 2012

ArenaCast Episode 103

Week January 12 - January 25
The 103rd episode of the ArenaCast highlights indie music from different genres and countries. Also, you will learn about some of the innovations in our podcast and listen to snippets of songs participating in the weekly Facebook poll and Twitter contest. So listen, share and enjoy by the best indie music from USA, UK, Norway, Australia and Canada.

# Artist Track
1 Dogwood Crossing Edge of It All
2 Super Squarecloud It Gak
3 The Cry Baby Lullaby
4 Grand Elk Alces I
5 Attacking Atlantis Die Young (Save Yourself)
6 A((Wake)) Iron Mold
7 Hopeless Passion Not Ashamed
8 Shoogar Heartbeat
9 Great Deal of Noise Love Is Just A Sound
10 Super Squarecloud Come Louder (DJ's choise)

Brief interviews with our featured artists are coming soon!

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Jan 23, 2012

ArenaCast Twitter weekly contest (E104) (closed)

We decided to give Twitter users the opportunity to choose which song they want to hear in the podcast, so today we are beginning a Twitter contest for ArenaCast E104! Our participants are three British indie bands, but only one of the following songs will be heard in ArenaCast E104. Which one? - You decide!

The Twitter contest will be closed on Monday, January 30. Hurry to cast your vote for your favourite band by reweeting the appropriate message from official ArenaCast Twitter. The links to messages are given below each song's info.

Song #1: Chinese Symbols by Second Hand Guns

Second Hand Guns - indie rock band from Manchester

Aggressive and melodic rock`n`roll from Manchester based four-piece indie rock band "Second Hand Guns" delivers some proper energy. They do not follow fashion trends and are not afraid to experiment.

Song #2: Riddler by The Cheap Thrills.

The Cheap Thrills, post-punk and indie rock four piece Liverpool based band

A cool mix of post-punk and indie rock - yeah it's The Cheap Thrills, four piece Liverpool based band, and yes, their music is really a good thrill :)

Song #3: Lost In The Mist Of Everything by The Hordes

The Hordes, Leicester UK based indie rock band

Four guys from Leicester and they make music that makes your heart beat in to their rhythm and move your whole body. An energetic and assertive sound with powerful guitar riffs. These guys really rock!

A useful note for musicians:

ArenaCast Facebook weekly poll (E104) (closed)

The Facebook poll that we are starting today involves three cool indie bands and one of them will participate ArenaCast E104. Below you can find brief information about each of the participants and also you can listen to the songs that have a chance to become a part of the podcast.

The poll will be closed on next Monday, 30th of January. Vote, discuss, share and enjoy the great independent music!

Song #1: Back in the Candlelight by The Kaines

The Kaines british alternative/rock band from Lincolnshire

A British alternative/rock band from Lincolnshire. Their music is influenced by various genres and styles, but most of all you can hear the british sound. Their music is full of romanticism and could well be the soundtrack to your favorite movie.

Song #2: Lost in the City by Secondhand Habit

Secondhand Habit, canadian indie band

This Canadian indie group was founded in the spring of 2010. On February 14 2011 they released their debut EP "Badass". This is everything that we love in indie music: outstanding vocals, strings, catchy melodies, keyboards, and wonderful lyrics.

Song #3: It Only Takes One by Red Letters

Red Letters Manchester based four-piece indie rock band

Red Letters is a 4 piece rock/pop band from the UK, formed by 4 students of Newcastle College. If you're a fan of a driving sound and music at the junction of punk, rock and pop music - you should try to listen to "Red Letters", especially at the live shows :)

A useful note for musicians:

Jan 20, 2012

ArenaCast Ultimate Monthly Poll (December) winner!

It's time to announce the winner of ArenaCast Ultimate Monthly Poll for December!

Over the past two weeks it has been difficult to predict who will be the most votes, and right up to the last minute we still couldn't predict who would win.

Scarlet Hatchings winner of ArenaCast Ultimate Monthly Poll for December

Every vote counted and you all made it a real battle! So it's time to name the best band of December 2011 decided by R&R World community. It`s a polish alternative band called Scarlet Hatchings! The survey polled hundreds and hundreds of people, of whom nearly half voted for Scarlet Hatchings!

Thank you to everyone who took part in the poll! First and foremost thank you to fans and friends of Scarlet Hatchings, they had provided tremendous support for Scarlet Hatchings in their social networks. We also wish to thank the Moresome fans who, despite the change of band members, gave Moresome such strong support.

The voting for the best band from the January episode starts on the 3rd of February. Stay tuned for the blog updates, more information coming soon!

BOMBSHELTER: synthphonic movie rock from Copenhagen, Denmark (E101)

BOMBSHELTER, synthphonic movie rock from Copenhagen, Denmark.

These guys are really good, and their distinguishing feature is a unique and recognizable sound that combines rock music with electronic. On the 7th of January they released the EP called "Future Ego Minds", which is also available on iTunes. Be sure to check out their official site for more info.

1. Since your first appearance in ArenaCast the podcast got a new DJ and its format is also changing. What changes would you suggest for ArenaCast not only as an artist but also as a listener?
Get more info from the artist - maybe an interview with the artist or some more background info.

Jan 16, 2012

Clarie-Ann Stigsdotter: singer-
songwriter from Sweden. (E102)

About: Clarie-Ann Stigsdotter

Clarie-Ann Stigsdotter, singer\songwriter from Sweden in ArenaCast E102.
Clarie-Ann is a singer-songwriter from Mönsterås, Sweden. In her songs Clarie-Ann extols human existence as a miracle. She dreams to record her songs at a professional way, but even now we can sense the positive energy that fills Clarie-Ann music .

1. Tell us in one word why you create music?
Well, I create music because I have this "urge" to tell the world that we live in a great Miracle!! That we all have "everything" we need inside of us.

Martin Thomas: singer-songwriter from Denmark (E102)

About: Martin Thomas

Martin Thomas, singer\songwriter from Denmark on R&R World ArenaCast E102.

Martin has been singing, composing and playing music for the last 20 years. In addition to singing Martin also plays piano and guitar. He writes the music for himself, not pursuing the goals to achieve fame, but his music can`t leave people who listen to it indifferent.

1. Tell us in one word why you create music?
Well, why do I create music? I guess, the only true answer to that question is, i simply can't stop! Music has always been a great part of my life and i can't live without it by my side.

Jan 15, 2012

Eva-Maria Junker: singer-songwriter from Sweden (E102)

About: Eva-Maria Junker, winner of our weekly Facebook poll!

Eva-Maria Junker, singer/songwriter from Sweden in ArenaCast E102, photo by Leo Erdfelt.

Stories that Eva-Maria tells in her songs based on her personal experiences. Rock beats and guitars alternate with beautiful voice of Eva-Maria and catchy solo guitar, creating a complete musical canvas with a powerful sound and a recognizable vocal. Looking forward to the debut album of Eva-Maria which will be released in February 2012!

1. Tell us in one word why you create music?

Jan 14, 2012

Paper Memory - independent
folk act from Oslo, Norway (E102)

About: Paper Memory

The "Paper memory" collected all the traits that attract mostly all of us in the folk music. Lyricism and sincerity of Derek`s Goodreid vocals emphasizes the beauty of every note in the arrangements. In turn, music highlights the beauty of words and gives it a deeper sense, implementing an inseparable connection between words and music. There's definitely some magic here and that's why "Paper memory" won't leave you indifferent.

1. Tell us in one word why you create music?

2. Is there a story behind your song "Fear Not"?
I wrote the song for my Grandmother who passed away from dementia.

Jan 12, 2012

ArenaCast Episode 102

Week January 12 - January 19
It's a Scandinavian flavour for Episode 102 of Arena Cast featuring songs by artists from Sweden, Iceland, Denmark and Norway. As usual we have the weekly Facebook Poll contenders along with last week's winner! We also have a brand new feature as we introduce the Ultimate Monthly Music Poll, and of course, Fritz will be playing his favourite track from the R&R Top 10 Chart. So listen, share and enjoy!

# Artist Track
1 Eva-Maria Junker Fear
2 Martin Thomas Breaking Point
3 Clarie-Ann Stigsdotter Att finna källan inom mig
4 The Constellation Forever by your side
5 Thomas Larsen Yellow Faded Photograph
6 Holiday Adore
7 Espen Syr Inside
8 Mógil Uglan Mín fínt
9 Paper Memory Fear Not
10 Holiday On my knees (DJ's choise)

Brief interviews with our featured artists are coming soon!

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ELLE.O.S.: hip-hop artist
from Chicago US.(E101)

About: ELLE.O.S. (Lady Of Soul)

"Tracy A. Carter also known as Elle.O.S. (Lady Of Soul) is a Chicago US based female hip-hop artist. In her songs you can hear a kinda mix of different genres and styles from hip-hop and soul to world and rock music. Her songs are based on her personal experiences, and reveals her emergence as an artist. "

1. Since your first appearance in ArenaCast the podcast got a new DJ and its format is also changing. What changes would you suggest for ArenaCast not only as an artist but also as a listener?
You guys seem to be doing a great job so far..I especially luv the map feature...it shows who's listening & where they are from...Amazing!

Jan 11, 2012

Birdeatsbaby: a `dark - cabaret`
act from Brighton, UK (E101)

About: Birdeatsbaby


"This British quartet was founded in November 2007. Birdeatsbaby almost completely ignores the current musical trends and fashions encouraging their followers to go beyond the monotony of everyday life and find their place in the Birdeatsbaby world. Specifically for their audience Birdeatsbaby play his musical performances, full of social satire and symbolism."

1. Since your first appearance in ArenaCast the podcast got a new DJ and its format is also changing. What changes would you suggest for ArenaCast not only as an artist but also as a listener?
I think it's pretty good the way it is, but perhaps a better way to browse genres would be nice.

Jan 10, 2012

ArenaCast Weekly Poll for E103 (closed)

[upd 16.01.12] The poll is closed, and we announce the winner! Most votes in our weekly facebook poll takes Attacking Atlantis. Through your support, their song Die Young (Save Yourself) become part of ArenaCast E103. Stay in touch!

Hey! Today we started a new weekly facebook poll to find out which song will take its place in the 103rd episode of ArenaCast.
For this poll (let's call it a `hardcore` or `extreme` poll), we have chosen 3 breathtaking hardcore bands from Canada, New Zealand and the UK. You can listen to the nominated songs and find a brief review of the bands below in this post and vote for your favorite on our Facebook page.

As the last time, the poll will closed in a next Monday, 16th of January. Give your voice for your favorite band and don`t forget to share your opinion with your friends!

Song #1: Die Young (Save Yourself) by Attacking Atlantis

A melodic hardcore band from Portsmouth, UK. Powerful and aggressive. The guys know what they are talking about. And the contrast of 2 vocal lines opens another, deeper side of the song.

Song #2: Ripped Off Your Face by Kiss Hug Kill

Kiss Hug Kill are a Thrash/Hardcore band from Hamilton New Zealand. A very emotional song. I can imagine the live performance of the band - pure hardcore!!

Song #3: We Who Walk by Eyes On The Skyline

Post-Hardcore/Metalcore/Screamo band from Thousand Oaks, CA. 2 vocals work well together. The melody accompanied with the scream makes the song sound complete.

A useful note for musicians:

If you want to suggest one of your songs for our facebook poll and to prove you have a great community of loyal fans and supporters, you can send a message to zareC with subject «Podcast poll». More info on how to get featured in ArenaCast you can always found on About page.

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Jan 6, 2012

ArenaCast Ultimate Monthly Poll (December)

It's time to choose the best band of those who were featured in December episodes of ArenaCast.This time we host a poll right here in blog, so you won't need to go to Facebook to cast your vote. Rules remain the same - you can vote only for one band and only one vote for the same band is allowed.

The poll will be closed on Friday, 20th of January.
The most voted band will get a special interview which will be published in this blog and also featured in News section on R&R World, in weekly newsletter and in our official profiles on Facebook and Twitter.
Remember you can easily share this post with your friends and support your favorite band together. No registration is required to vote.
The bands:

Jan 5, 2012

ArenaCast Episode 101

Week January 4 - January 11
The first episode of ArenaCast in 2012 is a kinda summary of the previous year.
It contains 10 songs from the most active R&R World artists who were featured in our podcast during the previous year. Plus a new song of the week from the R&R Artist Chart Top 10 chosen by Fritz Hammond.

# Artist Track
1 VICE Swim Good (Frank Ocean cover)
2 Birdeatsbaby Through ten walls
3 Fake Elegance Fake
4 Hannu Lepisto Wild girl
5 Awake! Awake! Daylight
7 ELLE.O.S. (Lady Of Soul) He don't deserve me
8 BOMBSHELTER Things we forgot
9 SiSSi Hangover romance
10 Pearl Handled Revolver The Robin's garden
11 Prince Negro of Afrika My desire (DJ's choise)

Brief interviews with our featured artists are coming soon!

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Jan 4, 2012

ArenaCast Weekly Poll for E102 (closed)

[upd 09.01.12] The poll is closed and the winner is Eva Maria Junker. Her song Fear will be featured in this week's episode of ArenaCast. Thank you all for your votes and stay tuned!

Hey Friends! It's time to check out a new weekly poll and decide which of three songs you want to be featured in 102nd episode of ArenaCast.
You are to choose between 3 amazing Nordic ladies, not only beautiful but also really talented singers. Two of them are from Sweden and one is from Norway but currently resides in UK. Below in this post you will find the songs and some more info to artists' profiles.

The voting ends on Monday, 9th of January. Take this time to decide who you want to here in the next episode of ArenaCast, cast your vote in our Facebook poll and share it with your friends and followers.

Song #1: Fear by Eva Maria Junker

From the very first notes of this song you know it's good old Scandinavian rock with a female vocal. Arrangements are well thought out, guitar parts sound more than nice and whilst following the best rock style practices this music still has it's own individual charm.

Song #2: Will you be gone all summer? by Katie goes to Tokyo

Kathrine Bergström's project will definitely be appreciated by The Cardigans fans. It's not an exact copy of course but such comparison gives you a more accurate idea of what you are about to hear and most probably like. Very pleasant vocals and great sense of style are also among Kathrine's benefits.

Song #3: Free by AASA

The combination of live instruments and electronic sounds is one of the reasons we included AASA in this poll. You'll definitely like her catchy, remarkable voice and the story she tells in this song.

A useful note for musicians:

Jan 2, 2012

Anodine - trip-rock artists from Germany (E100)

About: Anodine, an excellent band from Düsseldorf.

"Anodine is the musical child of song writer, guitarist and vocalist Patrick Heyer and resembles the conceptional result of perennial efforts to create a modern rock sound, that can be best described as a fusion of trip-hop, alternative rock and nu-metal. Source of inspiration and often subject of the songs are experiences and introspections beyond ordinary reality. At the end of 2011, bass player André Kaysers, drummer Thomas Merkle and guitarist Rumen Iliev joined to represent Anodine as a band."

1. How did you choose the name for your band? Was it an easy process? Were there any arguments between band members?
I had been working under the pseudonym "Anodine" for some time, so it was a reasonable step to keep it and no one actually questioned that after I showed them my razor sharp samurai sword. ;) Anodine is a contraction of anodyne and anode, which represents the spiritual and electrical side of the music. It also sounds a bit female.
I like to play with that. My first choice was "Anodyne", but that was already taken in some ways.
Now I think "Anodine" is the better choice anyway. In French, it also means "harmless". Great, right?

The Mad Pride - Indie folk from Australia (E100)

About: The Mad Pride, brainchild of Rowan Galagher.

"Combining 60s psychedelia, apocalyptic folk, post-rock, neoclassical and darkwave, The Mad Pride has been described as haunting and ominous like Syd Barrett and David Bowie collaborating on a Tim Burton film soundtrack. Comparisons are often made to Radiohead, Grizzly Bear, Erik Satie, Opeth, Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen."

1. How did you choose the name for your solo project? Was it an easy process?
The Mad Pride is a reference to ‘Mad Pride’ which is a global movement that fights for the rights of those I refer to as the Neurodiverse. They are considered by some to have ‘mental health issues’, however Mad Pride involves promoting the normality of madness and addressing the negative stigma associated with it. Almost 10 years ago neurologists deemed my brain to be so functionally abnormal that they notified authorities to cancel my drivers license. They claimed my brainwave frequencies existed outside the normal human ranges. So Mad Pride is a movement I am very close to.