Jan 12, 2012

ArenaCast Episode 102

Week January 12 - January 19
It's a Scandinavian flavour for Episode 102 of Arena Cast featuring songs by artists from Sweden, Iceland, Denmark and Norway. As usual we have the weekly Facebook Poll contenders along with last week's winner! We also have a brand new feature as we introduce the Ultimate Monthly Music Poll, and of course, Fritz will be playing his favourite track from the R&R Top 10 Chart. So listen, share and enjoy!

# Artist Track
1 Eva-Maria Junker Fear
2 Martin Thomas Breaking Point
3 Clarie-Ann Stigsdotter Att finna källan inom mig
4 The Constellation Forever by your side
5 Thomas Larsen Yellow Faded Photograph
6 Holiday Adore
7 Espen Syr Inside
8 Mógil Uglan Mín fínt
9 Paper Memory Fear Not
10 Holiday On my knees (DJ's choise)

Brief interviews with our featured artists are coming soon!

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