Jan 23, 2012

ArenaCast Facebook weekly poll (E104) (closed)

The Facebook poll that we are starting today involves three cool indie bands and one of them will participate ArenaCast E104. Below you can find brief information about each of the participants and also you can listen to the songs that have a chance to become a part of the podcast.

The poll will be closed on next Monday, 30th of January. Vote, discuss, share and enjoy the great independent music!

Song #1: Back in the Candlelight by The Kaines

The Kaines british alternative/rock band from Lincolnshire

A British alternative/rock band from Lincolnshire. Their music is influenced by various genres and styles, but most of all you can hear the british sound. Their music is full of romanticism and could well be the soundtrack to your favorite movie.

Song #2: Lost in the City by Secondhand Habit

Secondhand Habit, canadian indie band

This Canadian indie group was founded in the spring of 2010. On February 14 2011 they released their debut EP "Badass". This is everything that we love in indie music: outstanding vocals, strings, catchy melodies, keyboards, and wonderful lyrics.

Song #3: It Only Takes One by Red Letters

Red Letters Manchester based four-piece indie rock band

Red Letters is a 4 piece rock/pop band from the UK, formed by 4 students of Newcastle College. If you're a fan of a driving sound and music at the junction of punk, rock and pop music - you should try to listen to "Red Letters", especially at the live shows :)

A useful note for musicians:

If you want to suggest one of your songs for our Facebook poll or Twitter contest, and to prove you have a great community of loyal fans and supporters, you can send a message to zareC with subject «Podcast poll»\«Twitter contest». More info about the ArenaCast you can always found on Suggest your song and About pages.

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