Jan 23, 2012

ArenaCast Twitter weekly contest (E104) (closed)

We decided to give Twitter users the opportunity to choose which song they want to hear in the podcast, so today we are beginning a Twitter contest for ArenaCast E104! Our participants are three British indie bands, but only one of the following songs will be heard in ArenaCast E104. Which one? - You decide!

The Twitter contest will be closed on Monday, January 30. Hurry to cast your vote for your favourite band by reweeting the appropriate message from official ArenaCast Twitter. The links to messages are given below each song's info.

Song #1: Chinese Symbols by Second Hand Guns

Second Hand Guns - indie rock band from Manchester

Aggressive and melodic rock`n`roll from Manchester based four-piece indie rock band "Second Hand Guns" delivers some proper energy. They do not follow fashion trends and are not afraid to experiment.

Song #2: Riddler by The Cheap Thrills.

The Cheap Thrills, post-punk and indie rock four piece Liverpool based band

A cool mix of post-punk and indie rock - yeah it's The Cheap Thrills, four piece Liverpool based band, and yes, their music is really a good thrill :)

Song #3: Lost In The Mist Of Everything by The Hordes

The Hordes, Leicester UK based indie rock band

Four guys from Leicester and they make music that makes your heart beat in to their rhythm and move your whole body. An energetic and assertive sound with powerful guitar riffs. These guys really rock!

A useful note for musicians:

If you want to suggest one of your songs for our Facebook poll or Twitter contest, and to prove you have a great community of loyal fans and supporters, you can send a message to zareC with subject «Podcast poll»\«Twitter contest». More info about the ArenaCast you can always found on Suggest your song and About pages.

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