Jan 20, 2012

ArenaCast Ultimate Monthly Poll (December) winner!

It's time to announce the winner of ArenaCast Ultimate Monthly Poll for December!

Over the past two weeks it has been difficult to predict who will be the most votes, and right up to the last minute we still couldn't predict who would win.

Scarlet Hatchings winner of ArenaCast Ultimate Monthly Poll for December

Every vote counted and you all made it a real battle! So it's time to name the best band of December 2011 decided by R&R World community. It`s a polish alternative band called Scarlet Hatchings! The survey polled hundreds and hundreds of people, of whom nearly half voted for Scarlet Hatchings!

Thank you to everyone who took part in the poll! First and foremost thank you to fans and friends of Scarlet Hatchings, they had provided tremendous support for Scarlet Hatchings in their social networks. We also wish to thank the Moresome fans who, despite the change of band members, gave Moresome such strong support.

The voting for the best band from the January episode starts on the 3rd of February. Stay tuned for the blog updates, more information coming soon!

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