Jan 10, 2012

ArenaCast Weekly Poll for E103 (closed)

[upd 16.01.12] The poll is closed, and we announce the winner! Most votes in our weekly facebook poll takes Attacking Atlantis. Through your support, their song Die Young (Save Yourself) become part of ArenaCast E103. Stay in touch!

Hey! Today we started a new weekly facebook poll to find out which song will take its place in the 103rd episode of ArenaCast.
For this poll (let's call it a `hardcore` or `extreme` poll), we have chosen 3 breathtaking hardcore bands from Canada, New Zealand and the UK. You can listen to the nominated songs and find a brief review of the bands below in this post and vote for your favorite on our Facebook page.

As the last time, the poll will closed in a next Monday, 16th of January. Give your voice for your favorite band and don`t forget to share your opinion with your friends!

Song #1: Die Young (Save Yourself) by Attacking Atlantis

A melodic hardcore band from Portsmouth, UK. Powerful and aggressive. The guys know what they are talking about. And the contrast of 2 vocal lines opens another, deeper side of the song.

Song #2: Ripped Off Your Face by Kiss Hug Kill

Kiss Hug Kill are a Thrash/Hardcore band from Hamilton New Zealand. A very emotional song. I can imagine the live performance of the band - pure hardcore!!

Song #3: We Who Walk by Eyes On The Skyline

Post-Hardcore/Metalcore/Screamo band from Thousand Oaks, CA. 2 vocals work well together. The melody accompanied with the scream makes the song sound complete.

A useful note for musicians:

If you want to suggest one of your songs for our facebook poll and to prove you have a great community of loyal fans and supporters, you can send a message to zareC with subject «Podcast poll». More info on how to get featured in ArenaCast you can always found on About page.

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