Jan 12, 2012

ELLE.O.S.: hip-hop artist
from Chicago US.(E101)

About: ELLE.O.S. (Lady Of Soul)

"Tracy A. Carter also known as Elle.O.S. (Lady Of Soul) is a Chicago US based female hip-hop artist. In her songs you can hear a kinda mix of different genres and styles from hip-hop and soul to world and rock music. Her songs are based on her personal experiences, and reveals her emergence as an artist. "

1. Since your first appearance in ArenaCast the podcast got a new DJ and its format is also changing. What changes would you suggest for ArenaCast not only as an artist but also as a listener?
You guys seem to be doing a great job so far..I especially luv the map feature...it shows who's listening & where they are from...Amazing!

2. What do you think of episode 101? Which of the other featured songs do you like the most?
I'm really diggin' Hannu Lepisto's "Wild Girl". The video is awesome too.

3. What is your biggest achievement of 2011 as a band or artist?
My biggest achievement was seeing how my music has gradually spreaded all over the World & mostly other countries thru social networks.

4. Which of the songs popular now you'd name the most annoying and why?
I don't want to knock anyone's creativity because If there popular & fans enjoy it, can't knock that...what I can say is if the fans like those type of songs, then they'll luv mine...lol!

5. Share with us a link to the video which you think suits perfectly to the song it is made for.
I have no videos, yet...

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