Jan 30, 2012

Hopeless Passion: soul-punk
project from USA (E103)

About: Hopeless Passion

Hopeless Passion, Pop/Punk project based in Chico CA USA on R&R World

Hopeless Passion is Grant McCracken brainchild. Grant found a very subtle and very personal form to express his life experiences. He is experimenting and looking for new ways. But whatever he do - his music turns sincere and personal.

1. Is there a story behind your song Not Ashamed?
Specifically in regards to Not Ashamed, it's funny, because this song was literally the fastest written song on the record... and I think that's because it was just me saying what I was feeling at the moment, and what I still feel right now.
It was written amidst a lot of questions by friends, family, and what felt like everyone around me... with their expectations of normalcy.
I think the lyrics are pretty clear, but it's basically my response to their collective expectations, and letting them know that I'm not ashamed of what I've become, and that this is who I am.

2. What do you think of episode 103? Which of the other featured songs do you like the most?
I always enjoy listening to scottish people talk, so that's good fun. As for which other song, it'd definitely be Edge of It All by Dogwood Crossing. Really nice, catchy... sort of rockabilly? sound. Reminds me a bit of social D... with some Johnny Cash, with some country. I dunno. Good, unique sound. .

3. What bands from your country/city would you recommend to those who like your music?
WDon't really know too many of the artists in this city. As far as the country, well, I've been listening to a lot of Yellowcard, Say Anything, and Eminem. So if you don't listen to those guys, you should.

4. Tell us about your video to “Interlude”. Who was working on it? Who created the idea and concept?

I was living with a buddy, and his girlfriend really liked that song, so she said she wanted to make a video for it. We tried to do too much, which is why there's a lot of questionable editing and content... but whatever, we had fun.
Conceptually, we tried to follow a story of a guy (me) getting left by two different girls, which sort of follows the storyline of the song.... that was maintained with the stop-motion, but everything else just turned into... well, i'm not sure. But she did all the work, so I'm not going to complain.

5.What is your source of inspiration for composing music and writing lyrics?
It used to be girls and love, but the latest record was about finding myself as an artist and more or less making a statement of who I was... (see: not so sure, not ashamed, won't stop me now, falling apart, etc).
But if that was about pouring out my heart, then my current inspiration is the anger and frustration from feeling like I poured my heart out on a record that nobody will ever buy. You can hear elements of it on "you won't ever stop me now", but.. in short, inspiration is whatever I'm currently feeling...
Love songs when I loved a girl, songs of resolution when I make up my mind and get shit for it, and songs of being disenfranchised and stepped on when people reject my shit. Dunno if that even remotely answers the question, but it's what like I felt like saying.

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